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For every place in the RP (i.e. Syn3h HQ, a Café, etc.) there would be a post.


There would be at least four posts where you can create characters AND play around!


Like the bad guy HQ is where you create a bad guy character, and the Syn3h HQ is where you create a good guy character!


And when you want to go somewhere else, you comment something like "*flies away*" and then comment on the post you want to go to, like "My ship lands." so when someone tries to hunt you down, they have to search the posts, or "places" to find you!


And here's a good technique: Using JAMMERS.


Let's say I wanted to talk to GLAST in private in the RP, I'd say:




And the no one but GLAST can read the rest of the comment until I say:




Of course, they can read it if they WANT to, but it would be against the rules.


If I host this site, I would make it so if ANYONE is reported cheating and found guilty, they would be BANNED from the site.


Now, shall I explain the rules?


1. You may not kill or maim other players! (You might kill anonymous people or anonymous bad guy soldier peoples, etc.)

2. Only up to two moves
per comment! Post in small actions, and give other people a chance to
react before continuing.

3. Give other players a chance to
succeed. It will get boring fast if you always win.

4. Defeated players must go to the JAIL topic! - They have to continue their
roleplay in there for 1 day. There is no escaping from the jail before
your time is up!

5. Decide which side you are on. You can be a Syn3h Explorer or join the bad guys but you can’t be a valid member in two rivaling HQs at the same time. 

6. Do not read JAMMERS of the
other party or “private” Jammers. If you want to keep things secret,
post them in a jammed post.

7. Nobody can be blaster-proof or
lightsaber-proof. No shapeshifting or time-travelling to avoid being

9. Any argument about realistic or unrealistic moves
should be taken to the MAGISTRATE COURT topic. All other arguments should be
taken to the SUPREME COURT topic.

10. Play your character and
don’t get personal!
And, of course the rules for the ORIGINAL RP. You can find that here.
All posts will be made by ME only, so if someone wants to create a place, they can shoot me a PM asking.


There will be other places, like the Underground Hotel, where you can have your character stay if you are running from someone, because no one can get you there.


And another thing, I will write a plot, and you can play it however you want!


There will be 4 areas where you can create a character:


Syn3h HQ: For creating Syn3h Explorers

Syn3h Soldier Boot Camp: For creating soldier characters that can have their own squad OR be in another persons squad

??? HQ (haven't decided on a name for the bad guys, maybe The Cult): For creating bad guys

??? Soldier Training Area: For creating bad guy soldiers, same thng applies for squads as the Boot Camp


Well? What do you think? Questions? Comments? Ideas for bad guy names? Send me them via PM!


All the best,



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