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The Simple Woman's Daybook
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~February 25, 2010~
Submitted By edith on 10/02/26
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Outside my window...it's a beautiful, starry night, with moonlight flooding the landscape.  No need to use a flashlight during evening chores!

I am thinking...Alex makes good quiche.

I am thankful...for my brother.

From the kitchen...the dishes are waiting silently for someone to wash them...maybe me.

I am wearing...an a-line denim skirt, a peachy/pink t-shirt, and a lime green hoody. 

Today I was...Maid Marian

I am creating...lambing pens for my ewes.

I am going...to finish the lambing pens tomorrow.

Scripture I am reading...Revelations, and 2 Chronicles.

I am reading...The Shaping of a Christian Family, A Closer Look at the Evidence, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

I am hoping...that my Grandma will recover from her bronchitis swiftly, and decide to go with us to NC after all. 

I am hearing...Mom and Alex playing a game in the living room.

I am wondering...if my ewes will lamb while I'm gone - I hope not!

One of my favorite things...newborn lambs:)

What I did today: picked up the basement so the carpets could be cleaned, worked on the lambing pens, washed my hair, did laundry, watched episode 1 of the 2009 BBC adaption of *"Emma", and drooled over costume patterns online.  A lovely day:) 

*It's good so far, although it has a bit of a modern flavor which I don't like...mainly in the attitudes and expressions.  The costumes are by far the most modest I've seen in a Jane Austen movie, though!  I would wear most of them without a problem, and that's saying a lot.   

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish the lambing pens, cut out Em's dress (I pre-washed the fabric today...), and start getting my clothes packed for my trip (only 13 days!). 

Random thought...orange is probably my least favorite color...no offence Harneds;)

Picture I am sharing...
Michelle and Ellen at Kellie's party.

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Re: The Simple Woman's Daybook
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2010/02/26 - 16:26 GMT
That is such a sweet picture Tasha!! Definately another one to put on my picture board.
Re: The Simple Woman's Daybook
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/26 - 19:51 GMT
I happened to glance up at the right time to snap the photo:)  It is a sweet picture.
Re: The Simple Woman's Daybook
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/02/28 - 3:02 GMT
I'm hoping (and PRAYING!) for the same thing!!!!!!
Re: The Simple Woman's Daybook
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/28 - 3:21 GMT
Oh, Cuz - I can imagine how disappointed you are:(  I'm pretty disappointed, too.  I was looking forward to traveling with her, but you poor people haven't seen her for a while, have you?
We're all praying for her here, and Mom's been telling Aunt Lizzie what vitamins and herbal stuff to get for her.  Good ol' Aunt Liz:)  Grandma has over a week to get better...there's still hope!=)
I'm just thankful that Alex and I are old enough to make the trip by ourselves...although it would be more fun (and less nerve wracking for me!) if Grandma came too.  I just hope (and pray) that everything will go smoothly, that our flights will be on time, and that I won't freak out;)  I've done quite a bit of airplane travel, so I know what to do, but I've never flown without my parents.  I'm glad that my big, strong brother will be with me:)

Threaded Hybrid Flat 4 Comments

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