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The Simple Woman's Daybook
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~May 21, 2010~
Submitted By edith on 10/05/22
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Outside my window...the sun is just starting to set and there are wispy clouds in the blue sky.  It wasn't warm today, but it wasn't cold either.

I am thinking...that Debbie Reynolds looks so cute in her sailor blouse in the picture on my blog banner:)

I'm looking forward to...the Hat Band performance tomorrow at the Over the Fence community yard sale - I can hardly wait to check out everything there!  Who knows what I'll find?! 

I am thankful...for the lovely day I spent with Kellie, Aubrey and the girls yesterday - Kellie, Ellen and I worked on a few sewing projects while we all watched You Can't Take It With You (Jimmy Stewart).  Can you ask for anything better than a relaxing day with good friends and a great movie?:)

From the kitchen...silence

I am wearing...a denim tiered skirt, a dusty blue Carhart t-shirt, and my hair is in a twisted bun with a small braid around it.

Today I was/am...Margaret Hale from North and South.  Only I didn't get knocked unconscious while trying to stop an angry mob from killing Mr. Thornton;)  No, it was the loving-daughter-caring-for-her-invalid-mother Margaret.

I am creating...a ruffle for a skirt.

I am going...to bring my plant starts in from the deck, play cards with my mom and then finish watching You Can't Take It With You with my family - I saw the whole movie already, but it's taken everyone else three nights because some of them kept falling asleep:D

Scripture I am reading...Matthew, Romans and Psalms.

I am reading...All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot.

I am hoping...to find some bargains at the yard sale tomorrow.

I am hearing...the computer humming.

I am wondering...why it's so hard for me to think before I speak.

One of my favorite things...movies with Jimmy Stewart in them!

What I did today: did a bit o' laundry, some dishes, some gardening, some sewing, took a nap, read, watched a movie, and misc. other things.

A few plans for the rest of the week: yard sale tomorrow, finish cleaning out the fridge, ride Bob if the weather is nice, continue halter training Calvin, and other things.

Random thought...I don't really enjoy gardening, but it's one of the things I believe is necessary for a mommy-in-training to do, so I'm forcing myself to do it, and LIKE IT!  One thing I do enjoy is digging in the dirt:)

Picture to share...Pretty pink tulips

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