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Creationism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
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- or "A match made in heaven?"
Submitted By doctorofscience on 10/01/14
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The recent discussion of Kent Hovind's sanity (or lack thereof?) reminded me of an essay on Narcissistic Personality Disorder written by Paul Lutus. The essay doesn't mention Creationism in particular, but many of the general characteristics are perfect descriptions of Kent Hovind (and creationists in general).
This is especially true for the section of the essay that focuses on Postmodernism & New Age thinking - not surprising, as New Age nutters and Creationists are essentially just "same bullshit, different pile."
A few choice quotes:
"New Age believers proclaim their independence from the boring, excessively strict ideas of their forebears, their fixation on evidence, their silly assertion that effects arise from causes for other than magical reasons, and the idea that science is a legitimate way to evaluate reality. Such silly, old-fashioned ideas."
"Most New Age believers are too poorly educated to recognize what they are giving up along with intellectual rigor."
"Another litmus test for narcissism is pathological lying, but by adopting a postmodernist outlook, the narcissist can rationalize lying on the ground that there aren't any real truths anyway."
"But there is a sad fact at the core of narcissists' personalities, one that explains their preference for lies over truth. It is that the most absurd falsehood they might craft is more attractive overall than any truth about themselves or their circumstances. A narcissist's life is a beauty contest where a dark pond's false reflection struggles against daylight's ugly truth."
Replace "Narcisist" or "New Age believer" with "creationist," and all of those quotes would make accurate descriptions of Hovind and his followers.

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Re: Creationism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
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Posted 2010/01/14 - 3:13 GMT
That pretty much hit's the nail on the head.
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Re: Creationism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
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Posted 2010/01/15 - 11:52 GMT
or a kick in the groin of creationists?

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