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The battle for mars Part II: Preparation.
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Sorry it's late
Submitted By WingKnight on 10/01/29
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Here is the link to the first part:  http://marsxplr.com/view-5812
A golden Jet was just leaving the Sky King. A message came from the pilot, DeathKnight. "Meet me at Unity Island". After narrowly making it to the Sky King, DeathKnightT respawned and became a rogue jet,not inside any of the new squadrons. He flew towards freestyle, wondering if this was actually a bug, and a gigantic one at that. He didn't have much time to think about it, though, because he had just glimpsed the top of the volcano. Freestyle was covered in "the enemy". He shot right through them, though, defeating at least 7. After hitting the ground, he flew straight across the lava sea towards Unity Island. The swarm of vehicles followed him. The buggies and tanks fell behind, but the jets and hovercraft stayed on his tail. The pursuing vehicles shot there lasers at the same time, creating a wall. DeathKnight ducked underwater as it passed over him. Wait, he thought, I must be close to Unity Island if there is water. Suddenly there was a server settings button. He opened it and lowered hovercraft hover and height. Suddenly all the pursuing hovercraft sank into the water and fell into the planet. Next, he turned off lasers. The jets following him stopped shooting, and he flew on in peace. A strange thing happened when the Jets reached Unity Island, The enemy blew up. His messaging console said "Welcome to the protected zone. This includes Unity Island". There were 10 other people there, all relaxing and playing a friendly game of Laser Tag. DeathKnight spread the news of the battle and asked them to spread the message to come here, while he waited for the Sky King. They agreed and became jets. DeathKnight switched back to a buggy. It was nice to fly around in a buggy again.  Suddenly players started pouring in from all sides. Soon there were at least a hundred people. Then, the Sky Kings shadow fell across the ground as it landed. All the vehicles started getting on, with more arriving every second. Finally, the jets who had been at the Island originally came back. Once on the Sky King, squadrons were changed and created. It was full of vehicles hustling about. Each Sky Monster would go to one 25 person squadron. Each squadron consisted of 10 tanks and 15 jets or buggys. The tanks would drive the Monster, and the buggys or jets would attack. There were to be ten squadrons of ten left on the Sky King. DeathKnight did not want to join a squadron, so he hid inside an air duct. The Sky King drew near the enemy base. The Battle For Mars was truly about to begin.
The race of cyberbeings controlling the "enemy" was ready. The computers used to create this version were safely inside the plasma sheild. They were ready to take over this game, and then the entire Internet. The door to the outside opened and the Battalion flew out.

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