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In Which I Take Pictures of My Bonnet...
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...And Go Crazy in the Process.
Submitted By edith on 10/01/22
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My mom and I love vintage hats.  I believe I've mentioned that before, in a previous post.
Sometimes, just for fun, we'll look up vintage hats on ebay, and ooh and ahh over them for a bit.   One day, while we were engaged in this pleasant past time, Mom found an absolutely darling little hat!  I'm not sure if it would be considered a hat or a bonnet, but I fell in love with it, never expecting to get it.   I was therefore all the more surprised and delighted when I received the bonnet for Christmas!
I couldn't believe Mom had actually bought it for me, and I was very pleased=)  
Well, Kellie has been hearing about this hat for about a month now, but she still hasn't seen it...until now.
So, without further ado, I would like to present...the hat.
Please pardon my non-period correct shirt...I don't have a dress worthy of this bonnet.  That's next on my sewing list, after I sew my medieval dress.
Aren't the feathers simply delightful?!
Oh, and the sweet cluster of roses with the blue/green ribbon!
Kellie, the back of this hat, as you can see, sits rather high on the head, so there's room for a bun bellow, but there's also an incredible amount of room inside.  I believe you'd be able to fit all of your hair under it with no trouble at all!  And for those of you who know Kellie, that's saying a lot;)  Next time you come over, you'll have to try it on, dear:)
And then...well, I don't know what it is about Photobooth, but it tends to lead to extreme amounts of craziness and silliness...
It just went downhill from here...fast.
Apparently I enjoy making faces at myself...
...strange faces.
I scare myself sometimes.  I really do...
It was about here that I remembered all of the neat effects that Photobooth offers...
Don't worry, I'll spare you the pics I took on distort mode;D  They were totally unworthy of my bonnet, anyways...
My "twin" and I had a happy reunion - we're absolutely identical, not even our mother can tell us apart;)
Comic book - I actually like the way this one turned out.  The bonnet looks neat...and my hair looks blue.
Oh, so elegant...
Or not.
I liked the previous face so much, I had to try it out in Pop Art mode.
Glamour glow...
I was starting to return to my normal state of sanity at this point...I don't know that I have a normal state of sanity, but I was pretty normal at this point...for me;)
I think Sketch is my favorite effect - it makes everything look so soft and dreamy.  Love it:)
Y'all come back now...
Happy Trails!

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Re: In Which I Take Pictures of My Bonnet...
2 weeks - 22,159v
Posted 2010/01/22 - 18:18 GMT
Ohhhh...  That is the most scrumptious concoction I have ever seen masquerading as a bonnet!!!
It's so sweet, Tasha.  And very fetching on the young lady donning it in the photographs, whom I believe to be quite an accomplished model!
I love the ruching/tucks up the back.  The flowers are divine.  The feathers are elegant, the whole effect - delicious.
I could look at it for ever...!  
Nevertheless, I must fly.
Your ever loving and devoted accomplice in the pursiut of historical fashion, 
~Lady Margery Stuart~
Re: In Which I Take Pictures of My Bonnet...
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/01/22 - 20:06 GMT
I knew you'd love it:)
You can see now why it was so hard to describe, especially since I'm not properly versed in millinery vocabulary;)
I think it would be fairly simple to make a bonnet based on this style.  It's all fabric and padding, with three half "hoops" of bendable wire in the brim.  Just add ribbons and flowers, and it shouldn't be hard at all!
Lovingly yours,
~Lady Edith MacAlpine~
Re: In Which I Take Pictures of My Bonnet...
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2010/01/22 - 21:46 GMT
The hat is lovely Tasha! You most definately need a costume for it :).

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