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Welcome 2010!
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Happy New Year
Submitted By edith on 10/01/01
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I've always seen the beginning of a new year as the perfect time to pause for a moment, think about everything I did during the past year, evaluate how I'm doing spiritually and set some goals for the coming year.  I usually read through the journal I've kept through the year, to remember the highlights, and the struggles.  It helps me to see the ways I've grown, and the areas I need to work on.
A few of my goals for the year 2010 are:
  • Learn to love others as Christ loves me - unconditionally, no matter what they do.
  • Make more time to work on web and graphic design - that kind of got put on the back burner this year, unfortunately.
  • Read more=)
  • Have several costume events, including a Victorian lawn party this summer.
  • Be more diligent to keep up on the laundry, dishes, and other household chores.
  • Ride Bob at least 3 times a week
  • Cultivate a servant's heart
  • Plant a garden and remember to water it;)
  • Finish my rock garden
  • Rely more fully on God for my strength in every situation, big or small.
  • Practice my mandolin more often.
  • Get to bed earlier and get up earlier
  • Finish reading through the Old Testament - one of my goals last year was to read through the OT in a year, but I got hung up on Leviticus:p  I'm in 1 Chronicles now:)
Rather than tell you what the highlights of my year have been, I'd like to share a few (ha ha - yeah, right;) pictures from what has been a very eventful year...
I got contacts - wow, I forgot about that:)  If you've never had to wear glasses, then you have no idea how nice it is not to have to wear them!
Family Music Night - the first time I sang in front of an audience.  BIG milestone!  As Kellie could tell you, I was just sure I was going to die...;)
Got a really nice work table from Goodwill - believe me, this was a major highlight.  I don't know how I got along without a work table before.
I turned 20=) 
My beloved serger:)
Played and sang at the Old Time Fiddlers.
I think this is my absolute favorite picture from the entire year...except for a few really funny ones that I can't show you because the person(s) in them would probably be really upset with me;D
Annalisa's bridal shower
Oh, my spinning wheel!
Tax Tea Party
Mr. Griel, Matthew C., me, and Alex at the Tea Party
Potato cellar
The Mandy and Emily's stamp party
Rathdrum Willie
The first lamb bred and born on our property
All cleaned up:)
Esther's first set of twins, also bred and born on our property.
Homeschool Yearbook class
Annalisa's wedding
Grandma Barb's surprise visit in June
Aunt Lorraine, John, and Baby Sam's visit - that's why Grandma came up, to see Baby Sam.  We know who rates around here;)
Putting in our new pond
Another Tea Party
Painting the potato cellar with tar prior to putting underground - I can't say this was an actual highlight, but we had fun:)
Mr. Shorb's visit and the rendezvous at the F's house.
Finally getting to dance the Virginia Reel!
Putting the potato cellar in the ground
My library=)
Talache with the F family, the Acorns and the W family.
Cherry pickin' time
The Acorn's visit
Yard sale at the A's house
Visiting family in Montana
Baby Sam's 1st Birthday!
Trail ride with Kellie - we finally did it=)
Recording the Hat Band CD
Trail ride with Michelle - Bob and Freckles look rather freaked out...oh well:)
Going to the Kootenai County Fair with Michelle, and annoying, er, talking to the Littles (aka The Panhandle Polecats).  Now that, was fun=) ;D
Special Olympics Equestrian Team
Watching Cowboy Mounted Shooting events at Farragut park - that's Matthew C. and Lady doing their run.
Working on the custom western shirts for the Hat Band - and probably ripping out stitches from the look on my face;)
Rockin' B Ranch with Kellie and Grampy.
Michelle's graduation - I'm so glad you turned it into a costume event, Michelle!
Bringing Fawn to Marian's and getting to be The Llama Lady for a day:)
Getting to see my Grandpa Mick before he died.
Riding a horse without wearing a helmet!!  Paint was a nice little pony, too.
Bryce Canyon, Utah. 
Helicopter ride with Kellie, Mr. F, and Dad.  (oh, and I got bangs cut, too:)
I haven't downloaded our Christmas pictures from our camera yet, but I'll be doing a separate post on that anyways.
And I'm not staying up till midnight.
At least, I'm not planning to...
I'm going to bed.  Starting to work on that last goal right now;)
Goodnight, and a blessed New Year everyone!
Much love,

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