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Science vs. Young Earth Creation
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Submitted By ronnies_evil_twin on 09/12/31
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Someone had previously stated that creation science is basically a regular science class that leaves out the Big Bang and Evolution. This could not be further from the truth. Creation Science and Young Earth Creation have problems with SEVERAL scientific theories or concepts.
2)Big Bang
3)Tectonic Plate Theory - Took longer than 6000 years.
4)Geologic Column -
5) Heleocentric System- Bible says Earth is fixed in place and is center of universe
6) Radiometric Dating
7) Pangea - Existed more than 6000 years ago.
8) Fossil Formation - Fossils take more than 6000 years to form
9) Fossil Fuel Creation - Takes longer than 6000 years
10) Germ Theory : Does not say that microscopic organisms cause illness...unless god did it.
11) Sexual Reproduction: does not explain sexual reproduction with the caveat that .... unless god knocks up a "virgin"
12) Meteorology: again..does not claim that it rains, lightnings because of conditions in the lower atmosphere...unless god wants it to.
13) Astronomy: Obvious reasons
14) Dinosaurs - Flinstones was NOT a documentary.

This is just a quick list. Now I realize that creation science and young earth creation probably talk about plate tectonics and pangea. However, you are completely bastardizing these thoeries and concepts by saying..this is how it worked..but it all happened MUCH faster than "scientists" claim. Time scale is tremendously important to all these concepts.
Additionally, I realize that this list contains a few items that are probably taught by creation science teachers but they fail to teach that these the bible's claims are in direct contradiction to these scientific concepts (Sexual Reproduction) I feel that trying to make the bible scientifically compatible does a great disservice to students.
I did this to show that creation science is quite different from actual science. Well..at least we agree on gravity...unless we want to discuss Jesus walking on water...or is that the laws of physics that he broke.

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