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I've Been Inspired!
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A Lady fair and a Knight on a white horse...
Submitted By edith on 10/01/07
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Today, while I was going over Michelle's new blog design with her - a simply gorgeous knights and fair ladies theme - I was looking at all of the beautiful dresses that the ladies in the paintings were wearing.
I was planning on making a Regency style dress for my next sewing project, to go with an adorable hat/bonnet that I received for Christmas, but now I simply have to make a medieval dress.  I'll get around to the Regency dress someday.
Here's the painting that especially inspired me...
This is exactly what I want my dress to look like - except I want a square neckline - white, with gold embroidery around the hem of the skirt, and gold embroidered ribbon around the neckline and sleeve cuffs.
I'm hoping to make a trip to Jo-Ann's this coming week=D

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Re: I've Been Inspired!
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/01/07 - 19:55 GMT
Pretty! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!
Re: I've Been Inspired!
1 day - 1,524v
Posted 2010/01/08 - 19:59 GMT
I can't wait to see how it turns out Tasha :). That is really pretty. Good luck!
Re: I've Been Inspired!
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Posted 2010/01/08 - 22:05 GMT
Cuz - Me too!=)  Oh, I can't believe I'll be talking to you in person in March!  I can't wait!=D  There's been some deep, dark scheming going on around here, trying to figure out a way so Mom and Dad can come, too.  It would be perfect if they would come, although I'd love flying out with Grandma;)
Tterbo (aka Michelle;) - I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out, too!:) We'll have to have a sewing day sometime, like we were talking about the other day.
Re: I've Been Inspired!
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2010/01/09 - 3:52 GMT
Sorry Tasha. I forgot I signed in as Brett. It was actually me.
Re: I've Been Inspired!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/01/09 - 4:31 GMT
I've done that a million times on our cousins blog, no worries:) 
I was kind of wondering what was up with Brett...I was kind of worried that he might really be turning into Prof. Mulvainey, and, as a consequence, losing his mind;D lol.

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