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Haiti Earthquake
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Glad We Now Know Why This Happened
Submitted By ronnies_evil_twin on 10/01/14
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I am glad to know that this earthquake was due to the Haitien's 200 year deal with the devil. How dare they revolt against their French Slavemasters. God is apparently punishing them for making a deal with the devil to free them from these slavemaster.
Now, Haiti is 80-85% Christian.
Now, does that mean that i have to look back and research what my ancestor's did 200 years ago? Any suggestions for a google search??

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Re: Haiti Earthquake
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Posted 2010/01/17 - 16:47 GMT
Ronnie, just curious. Do you agree with Pat Robertson when he said that Haiti was struck by the earthquake because of a 200 year old pact the Haitian's made with the devil???? God was punishing them for this pact?
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Re: Haiti Earthquake
2 hours - 62v
Posted 2010/01/25 - 4:24 GMT
strange how you can mock the dead and dying with a straight face.
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Re: Haiti Earthquake
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Posted 2010/01/25 - 8:48 GMT
"strange how you can mock the dead and dying with a straight face."

strange as it was pat robertson (you know that good ol' televangelist) who said that.

srly. we aren't mocking them, Pat is disgracing them.

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