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The Simple Woman's Daybook
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~February 17, 2010~
Submitted By edith on 10/02/18
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Outside my window...umm, it's black, because it's night, and the sun goes down at around 6:00 these days.

I am thinking...I'm supposed to be making cornbread to go with dinner...I know, naughty me;)

I am thankful for...good food

From the kitchen...beans are bubbling on the stove.

I am wearing...a three tier denim skirt (made it), a blue/green v-neck t-shirt (Goodwill), a blue and green plaid button up shirt (Old Navy), and my hair is in a basic three strand braid.

I am creating...a new design for my blog, not to be revealed until my blog's first birthday, which is March 21st if I remember correctly.

I am going...to stir the beans and make cornbread...maybe...about the cornbread, not the beans;)

Scripture I am reading...Revelations and 2 Chronicles

   I am reading...see yesterday's post - I don't feel like typing up the list again.

I am hoping...that my rope burn heals quickly - Bob was an extremely naughty boy yesterday.  We both learned something.  Bob learned that I am the boss, and I will make him do what I want him to do.  I rediscovered that Bob can indeed be naughty, and that it's a good idea to wear gloves while lunging a naughty horse.

I am hearing...Mom and Alex talk, the beans cooking, the computer running, the keys of the keyboard.

One of my favorite things...kleenex

A few plans for the rest of the week: Begin work on Em's dress (still), continue thinking of a way to dry out the sheep shelter, get more Senior Feed and more dog food, and attend the Open Arms Benefit concert Friday night (the Hat Band is playing).

Random thought...cupboard doors without knobs are annoying and hard to open.

Picture I am sharing...
Yum - homemade berry pie!

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