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How to make the CTFC better
Submitted By PointyBagels on 09/12/15
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If you have ways to improve the CTFC, please post them here.

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Re: Suggestions
6 days - 8,777v
Posted 2009/12/30 - 0:22 GMT
Just like there is a slope leading out of the arena, there needs to be a slope leading in so that tanks and hovercrafts that left the arena can get back in.
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Re: Suggestions
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2009/12/31 - 2:38 GMT
Good idea, that will be fixed (although not how you might think.
The slope is mostly just an artistic element to transition from ground to wall.  The final version will be enclosed.
The reason it isn't already is that it is very hard to work on an enclosed area and see everything.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

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