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Memory Lane
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North Carolina 2008
Submitted By edith on 09/12/02
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A few more pictures from our trip to North Carolina in 2008...
We visited an aquarium with my Uncle Mike and his family while we were staying in the Outer Banks.
I thought this turtle was so neat - look at how his neck attaches to his body.
I love touching all of the aquatic life in the touch tanks - Ashley and I thought the sea stars were really neat.
The shark tank was awesome, although a bit freaky - just one of the reasons I've always hated swimming in the ocean...I know I can't swim faster than they can. *shudder*
We also visited the Wright Brothers Museum.
My Dad loved it - we went there twice to make sure we didn't miss anything;)
The treadle sewing machine that was used to sew the canvas together.
They had a NASA exhibit there, too...
Prospective astronauts;)
I love the look on Ashley's face:)
The Wrights picked Kitty Hawk because it was so windy...
Did I mention it was windy?
There was a life size metal replica of the airplane and misc. people standing around it.
Fun stuff:)
The shutter bugs;)
A classic example of why you should always do what signs say.
The consequences of not doing so can be painful...
~Roanoke Island~
Once again, memories from the Jamestown 400...
Unable to resist, we asked one of the guys at the visitors center about the Dare Stones...
After giving us a searching look, he quietly said, "Ah, so you're aware of the Dare Stones..."
We weren't quite sure what he meant by that...my personal opinion is that he was wondering if we thought they were real or a hoax.
Either way, he was very obliging, answered our numerous questions, and even let me look through a file folder full of newspaper clippings and other papers relating to the stones.
He even let me take some pictures of a few of the newspaper clippings.
I just wish we'd had access to some of that stuff during the treasure hunt:)
Boy, aren't we excited?! 
Love the look on her face;D  Ashley held up quite well for a very active 7-year-old, but I think she was beginning to get a bit tired of going through museums.
Michael David standing in the middle of where the fort used to be.
I can't remember who the guy was, but my Uncle Mike thought he was neat:)
Happy Trails y'all!

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