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Stoneheart's Next Two Parts!
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It rhymes!
Submitted By kirbyfreak on 09/12/07
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So, I finally finished the next 2 parts of Stoneheart.  Isn't it amazing?  And right now, I'm procrastinating from doing my homework.  Again, isn't it amazing?  Notice my sarcasm on that one.  :)  So, um...  Read it?  And tell me what you think.  The story still hasn't gone anywhere important yet, and there isn't MUCH action.  Well, actually, I DO break 23 of Adam's bones!  :)  He he.  So, um, bon appetite?  No, that's what you say to bookworms...  Literal and figurative bookworms, that is...  I'm rambling, aren't I.  Okay, well, enjoy!

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