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Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
Submitted By Afish on 09/11/18
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I stepped out of the car into the rainy night, adjusting my clothes and pulling the hood of my favorite hoodie over my head.  I briskly walked to the door of the church, readjusting my favorite baseball cap as I exited the rainy night outside.  I heard music floating down from upstairs.  I bobbed my head to it as I walked up, entering an open little area overlooking the entrance I had just taken.  To my left was a pair of double doors opening up into a spacious, wood-floor gym.  There was a mini black stage in the front of the gym, with various guitars, a drum set, and an electric keyboard spread out over the stage and on the floor in front of it.  To the left of the gym a hallway stretched beyond the glow of the phosphorescent lights above.  A couple kids had already found their way into the small storage area in a corner of the gym and broken out a few basketballs.   They were taking shots at one of the hoops, except they weren’t exactly making them. 

I smiled as Danielle missed again, bouncing it off the rim once again.  The ball rolled away, intent on escaping from the hands that controled it.  Danielle raced after the ball, but before she could get it, I raced in and snatched the ball from in front of her, spinning around and taking a shot of my own.  It arced through the air, gradually coming toward the hoop.  It passed right by the rim, making a swishing sound as it fell through the net.  It dropped to the floor, where another eager shooter picked it up and ran off.  Danielle turned to me in mock anger, her eyes shining behind her glasses.  Her frizzy brown hair draped over her shoulders, and her slender arms were crossed in front of her.  She wore a simple outfit, just a shirt and a pair of worn jeans that looked a little too small on her.  I gave her my craziest grin; my eyes as wide as saucers and my lips stretched tighter then a drums’ skin.  She tried to keep a straight face, but a smile soon blossomed over her face, quickly followed by a peal of laughter.  I had always thought that she was humored too easily.

As I stood there contemplating this, my baseball cap was ripped from my head.  I whirled around to see a grinning blonde guy standing near me, waving my cap out in front of him.  Tyler’s blue eyes glinted with glee, one that matched his energy.  He was a bit shorter than me (I mean, not many people are taller than me, so he was pretty tall) and was a bit pale, a sign that he didn’t get outside much. 

He ran off and I sprinted after him, dodging through the throng gathered in the commons area and down a long hallway, doors lining its sides.  I caught up to him and threw my arm around his scrawny neck, pulling him into a friendly but warning headlock.  He tossed the cap to the ground and pulled away from me, standing in front of me and massaging his neck.  I picked up my cap and plopped it back onto my head, easing it into a comfortable position.  I turned to Tyler.

“You are so predictable, Tyler,” I said, grinning in spite of myself.

He grinned back.  “So are you,” he replied.

“I am not predictable!”  I said, faking anger.

“I knew you would come after me,” he said, stunning me into silence for a moment.

“Well…,” I began, stumped at what to say.  “That was…. That was just a fluke!”

We both laughed and headed back to the masses of people filtering into the gym.  Dan, the pastor, was raising his voice, motioning for everybody to go to their seats.  Tyler and I took our seats right next to the some of our other friends. 

Soon everybody had settled down enough for the announcers to take center stage.  They talked about some things coming up; including a special trip called Fall Retreat, which basically consists of going to a camp in Wisconsin for a weekend and doing all sorts of fun stuff.  As they talked, I noticed that the signup deadline was next week.  I had already turned in my paperwork and was set for the trip, but I thought of Ben and Miguel.  I wondered if they would like it there.  It was a fun trip, if my older sister’s descriptions were anything to go off of.  I thought of seeing if they wanted to come.  A part of me seemed to think that something would definitely go wrong.  After all, I’m talking about three kids with a disorder that makes them extremely hyper and forgetful going on a trip with a bunch of other people who are a bit crazy themselves is not exactly reassuring.  But I pushed it out of my mind, dwelling instead on how exciting it would be to have my best friends along for a whole weekend.

Soon enough the announcers once again took their seats.  Dan led us all in a word of prayer, and the worship band then lead from there.  I put my heart into my singing, sounding as good as I could for my God.  Although it didn’t matter in His eyes, it meant something to me to know I was trying my hardest to please Him.  So I sang on.

The worship ended, the mix of voices all lifting praises to our Father in heaven drifted away as the last lines of the last song were sung.  We prayed again, this time more in tune with God than before.  Then the sermon began.

I really tried to pay attention for the whole time.  I really did, honest.  I just couldn’t keep my attention focused on one thing for that long.  Soon, I settled back into a more comfortable position in my seat, and replayed one of my most favorite daydreams in my mind.  I once again saw myself in the sky, riding atop a horse to the distant ground below.  Unafraid of the vast legions of demons I saw, I landed with ease and drove my steed into the fray.  Swinging my holy blade left and right, I cleaved through the ranks of the fallen, pushing them back, away from the survivors of the Apocalypse.  My muscles never tired, never grew weary as I fought on and on.  Suddenly, all grew quiet, and I pulled my sword close.  Everywhere around me, demons lay moaning and twitching, none with the strength to fight.  A great roar arose from the champions in white scattered throughout the battleground. My voice rose, adding to the joyful racket pounding through my ears.  The Lord had retaken Earth for his own. 

The scene switched, and I could see myself at the golden throne of the Lord, bowed down on one knee while he commemorated me for my efforts on his behalf.  My soul leapt as I looked into the eyes of my Lord as he said those famous words, “Well done, my faithful servant.”  I rejoiced, savoring the sweet taste of His undying love.  God beamed, and angels applauded.  It couldn’t get much more perfect than that, could it?  Being congratulated by the Lord of all, angels around me clapping and cheering, the Holy Spirit surging through me more than anyone else in the room.  I knew this was a desire of a sinful nature, but I couldn’t tear myself away from it.  Yes, that would be a moment to remember.  If it ever happened, that is.

Suddenly, it all changed.  The room I was in faded away to black, replaced by an image of the Talutah, grinning and wild. Stunned, I could only stare, aghast at the return of this beast.  Regaining my senses, I turned to run, forcing my way through the blackness behind me.  The scene around me slowly materialized into an underground tunnel; Once again I replayed my nightmare in my head.  Ben, Miguel, and Tyler ran with me, racing away from the horrors that ran behind.  Fear rose within me, and I pleaded to myself not to relive this terrible nightmare, openly weeping as I thought of what was to come next.

The tunnel ahead split up again, the same split I had seen the first time.  I knew to the left lay death and misery, for I had chosen that way the last time.  I did not know what the right held in store, but I figured it couldn’t get worse.  I ran to the right, sprinting ahead of the others.

This time, I entered a large room.  Covered in cobwebs and mold, it stank of death, despair, and most of all, horror.   Blinded by fear, I ran smack into the wall on the far side, falling flat on my back.  I thrashed around, eventually managing to get on my knees.  The others had joined me, trying to find a way to escape.

It was too late.  The Talutah charged in, taking us all by surprise.  They swept through my friends, killing them all quickly and with ease.  One of the Talutah approached me and swung his claw at me; I turned away from the blow.  Suddenly, a string of words flashed past my vision in a white crackling light, etching themselves in my head.  Time slowed, and I read each of the words in the air as if they were written in a book.


Young men of faith fall into earth,

To fight themselves and prove their worth,

Seven tasks they must face, seven jewels they must find,

To escape the depths that would take their minds,

First task is of swords, of grit that lasts on,

Not just by force, but mind, will the men have won,

Second task is of temptation that is easy to instill,

All must fight it or forever do its will,

Third task is of cunning, the thirst to stay alive,

If one foot goes astray, only one shall survive,

Fourth task can redeem the third gone wrong,

But to take that gift, that man must be strong,

Fifth task is of war unnoticed by men,

Lead by a man in the shape of a raven,

Sixth task is of shaking, of rolling and thunder,

Never stop moving, standing still would be a blunder,

Final task is not of fighting, but fleeing in fright,

Chased by shadows that haunt the waking night,

A hero arises to face terror of the deep,

Alone he shall face himself and the beasts.

The lord of the Grixus must be torn asunder,

Or world above shall be broken from down under.



The words danced in front of my eyes as I finished, then disappeared into the musty air.  I felt my back hit something and yelled aloud.  My eyes flashed open, and I groaned at the sudden light.  Somebody was standing over me, but I couldn’t make him out.  Everything gradually came back into focus, and I found myself on the floor next to my seat.  Dan was standing over me, a look way past plain old worry slapped across his face.  Slowly, I looked around and saw the mass of people encircling me.  I propped myself on my elbows, still trying to piece together what had just happened.  The silence was absolute.

“Are you okay, Adam?”  Dan asked.

“I… I think so,” I replied.  I started to get up, my legs trembling.  I almost slipped, but Dan caught me, pulling me on my feet.

“What… what happened?”  I stammered, barely able to speak.

A voice arose from the crowd.  “You screamed really loud and fell to the floor, clutching your stomach,” Danielle said cautiously.  I thought about it for a moment; then I started to laugh.  This was the second time in a week that I had screamed like a girl, and I was seriously starting to crack under the embarrassment. 

Dan was starting to become a little panicked. 

“Maybe we should take you to the hospital,” he said.  “Get you checked out for head trauma or something.”

I calmed myself down, cutting off my laughter.  “It’s okay, Dan.  I’m fine.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” he replied warily.  He took me by the shoulders and directed me to the door.

I pulled away.  “I’m fine, Dan,” I repeated.  “I just had some sort of vision that kinda freaked me out.”

“Of course you did, Adam,” he replied with a hint of concern slipping through.  He reached for my shoulders again, clutching them tighter than before.

“Uhh, Dan?”  I said.

“Yeah?” he replied, firmly leading me towards the stairs.

“The, uhh, gym’s back that way,” I said, pointing.

“ I know,” he replied.  Still he led me onwards.

“Dan, what’re you…” I said.  Then it dawned on me.

“Um, Dan, no, it’s okay, I’m completely fine.”  I started to struggle, trying to break his grip.

He clenched me tighter.

“I just want to be sure, Adam,” Dan said, the tension in his voice growing.  I struggled even harder.

“But Dan, I don’t wanna-”

“I know you don’t, but you have to.”

He dragged me down the stairs.  As for me, I struggled as hard as I could without hurting him.  He finally pulled me down to the landing and into the foyer, struggling to keep me in line.  As he pulled me out the door, I yelled so loud that everyone upstairs could hear it boom throughout the church.














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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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:) Duh . . . Duhn . . .  Duuuhhhnnn! :)
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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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I can imagine fish in a straight jacket.  Heh heh heh.
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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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Oddly enough, so can I.  Is that bad???
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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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definatly AWESOME so far! and i'm in the story! mega cool! :D
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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
2009/12/31 - 7:50 GMT
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I was bored and found this website from a friend. so far, this is better than Harry Potter lol! i like the 'Danielle' character. she reminds me of my BFF. she should be in the next dream/vison. i want to know what her super power would be!
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Re: Under the Surface Chapter 1 Part 2
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Hey, we actually have someone on our website that we don't know!  Cool!  Lol.  We've been hoping to get more visitors.  Thanks for coming, and I hope you like our stories!

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