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Stoneheart Part One
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Stoneheart Part One
Submitted By kirbyfreak on 09/11/18
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(14 years later…)

            “Tyler, get away from its pincer!”

            “Thanks Adam!  But I think it wants to kill me!”  Tyler replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice.  He leaped away from the giant scorpion that was currently trying to devour him.  Black and gold, the thing was monstrous, fifty feet long from head to tail.  “Is that better?” Tyler asked.

            “Yes.  Now can you hurry up and do something to it, seeing as my arrows don’t penetrate its armor, and I can’t get close enough to use my cutlass?”

            Tyler nodded, and was promptly blasted off his feet by a bolt of lightning, shot from the scorpion’s stinger. Tyler narrowed his eyes, raised his hand, and blasted a fireball at the beast.  It smashed into one of the arachnid’s eyes, and the creature staggered away for a minute.  The mage rolled over and pushed himself up off the sandy beach.  Leaning on his staff, he took a moment to rest before attacking again.  Short sandy blond hair covered his head, with the occasional strands sticking up in the back that refused to lie down.  Bright blue eyes followed the scorpion as it waded into the salty ocean.  He wore the black hooded robes that marked him as a black mage.  Able to create and manipulate the various elements, such as fire and ice, black mages were often seen as evil.  This was not the case for some, including Tyler and his teacher, Brandon (called Brando by Tyler and his friends).  After learning how to control fire, water, ice, lightning, and wind, Tyler and his best friend Adam had decided to take a break and do a bit of traveling.

            Adam, a skilled archer and swordsman, also took a breather.  A bit taller than Tyler, whose height was just above average, Adam carried a yew longbow on his back and a cutlass by his side.  His short brown hair and eyes went with his green tunic and dirt colored pants to create a camouflage look about him.  Both he and Tyler were orphans, their parents killed by Matuu during the second year of his reign, and their lives.  Now fourteen, they lived with Brando, who had been good friends with their parents.

            The two boys stood up straighter as the scorpion charged at them, apparently recovered and extremely angry.  Tyler threw himself to the side as the scorpion flew past, Adam doing likewise.  The latter pulled his cutlass from its sheath and got ready for the monster’s second charge.  As it came at him, he jumped over its right pincer, slashing downwards as it passed under.  The scorpion let out a bellow of pain as the blade crunched into its skeleton. It turned to face Tyler as the damaged pincer fell to the ground.

            The mage yelled in surprise as something slammed into the sand, knocking him over and throwing sand down his gullet.  Adam ran over and pulled him off the ground.  They both jumped to the side as the scorpion’s stinger whistled past them again.  “We need to get rid of that stinger!” Adam yelled, dodging the poisoned sting.

            Tyler stumbled back as the stinger narrowly missed him again, and hit the ground for a third time with a thud.  Adam ran to help, but the scorpion smashed him into a palm tree with its remaining pincer.  Tyler rolled to the side as the lethal appendage smashed into the sand.  But this time, it stayed there.  Tyler reached out a finger and touched it to the side of the stinger before the scorpion could do anything.  Ice blossomed out from the digit, the extra weight burying the tip deeper into the ground.  The creature tugged and tugged, but it was stuck fast.  Adam ran up, pulled his sword back, and plunged it between two of the scorpion’s eyes.  It groaned, swayed, and collapsed to the ground dead.

            Tyler got up and brushed off his robes.  “Well, that was fun.”

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