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The Misadventure of Vader Halloween Special: Off the Edge.
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Here there be...what?
Submitted By Picard on 09/11/15
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'Twas Halloween night, and Ted was suffering from a sugar high. Everyone else had gone to bed, leaving him with eyes held wide by fructose and caffeine. "Oh well, nothing else to do," he said with a sigh. He climbed out of bed, snuck downstairs, fired up his computer, and logged on to 2.1. "Might as well try out that new world." The moment his buggy dropped out of the spawn cloud, he felt a chill. Something was off, but it was so vague that he couldn't quite place it. He looked around. Stunt tracks: Check. Stadium: Check. Robot with glowing eyes: Check. Wait... The robot didn't have eyes! An incredibly powerful sniper blast slammed into his buggy. The tiny vehicle slammed into the ground, and bounced off and out over the plains. Seconds later, it had passed the edge of the world, and had started to fall. Ted waited patiently for it to pass the reset point, but the tiny craft fell past -300 and continued on its way. With a frown, he entered the reset command. Nothing. He quit his browser, but the window stayed open, and his buggy was falling still, faster and faster. Finally, at -8658, he hit ground, and bounced a bit, finally coming to rest on...funny, this bottom of the world looked just like the normal Stunt Park. Except...where was the robot? A glance at the clock made him decide to leave this mystery until tomorrow morn. With a much awaited yawn, he put the computer to sleep, and started towards his room. A metallic creak accompanied his steps. He spun, peering into the darkness of the living room. Nothing was there. With a shrug, he started walking again. The creaking started again. He stopped once more, and so did the creaking. A cautious step confirmed that the creak happened when he walked. "Must be the flooring," he said, and thought no more of it until he stepped through his bedroom door and onto the Stung Parkway.
He spun around, but the door was gone. "What just happened?" The creaking could be heard again, louder, growing closer! He glanced over his shoulder, and then, with a cry of fright, started running in the opposite direction. Behind him, the Metal-armored bulk of the robot was advancing rapidly. It was gaining, and he couldn't out run it. But there! A buggy, with the hatch open! Staggering the five remaining feet, Ted leapt into the pilot's chair and floored the accelerator. The buggy roared over the plain, but laser fire from its pursuer was all around. Taking to the skies, he twirled around, and brought the autolock to bear. A direct hit did nothing to the monster, and it raised a claw, then slapped the buggy aside. The vehicle crashed into a wall, and Ted scrambled free just moments before the robot clasped the vehicle in its claw and devoured it. It's red eyes turned to it's human prey. Ted gulped, eyes darting wildly around for a means of escape. A jet sat but a few yards to the left. Reaching into his pocket, Ted removed a Snickers bar, waved it over his head, and threw it to his right, while dashing towards the jet. The robot confusedly followed the chocolate, which was summarily consumed. Ted meanwhile had strapped into the jet and with seconds to spare, he lifted off. He fired a few parting shots at the nightmare. The robot roared in rage, and retaliated with sniper blasts, but the jet was too fast. Soon, the ALT meter read positive again. With a relieved sigh, Ted angled towards the normal spawn point. Just moments more, and a reset would surely free him. Almost there, no need to hurry. None at all... An iron claw broke through the Martian soil, and grabbed the low-flying jet by the canards. It began to squeeze. Ted leapt from the wreck, and dashed out towards the spawn point. But more claws, endless grasping hands, as if a field of undead Lego men were seeking revenge, sprouted forth from the ground, snapping at his slippers, his robe. He leapt across a suspect patch of ground, but a stray grasper closed around him. More swarmed him, clamping over him, dragging him down...
He sat up with a scream. Darkness clouded his vision. Something had him! He struggled, fighting, kicking, but he was no match. The darkness was torn away, to reveal the robot's face! With a resigned groan, Ted fainted. The robot laughed. "Wow! Is my costume that scary?" It noticed Ted was blacked out. "Big brother?" His sibling tapped him on the head a few times. "Oh well!" The robot look alike dashed from the room laughing. Ted slowly returned to consciousness. So it had been a dream. With a yawn, he rose from bed, and walked into the kitchen, leaving a trail of red dust behind.  
Note from Picard: Yes, I know it's a few days late, but still, Happy Halloween!
Robot and Stunt Parkway belong to King DVO. Used with permission.
Music is a gimmick that I have been using, thanks to Macdane.

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