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A Sewing Experiment
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From worn out pants to a charming skirt
Submitted By edith on 09/11/10
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For a while I've wanted to experiment with converting a pair of old jeans with worn out knees into a jeans skirt.
I was first inspired by this picture in Country Living Magazine...
I don't like the patched look, though - not my style. 
Some of the advantages of turning a pair of pants into a skirt are,
  • You don't have to set in a zipper =)
  • You don't have to make belt loops, which I detest making,
  • And last, but most importantly, you don't...um, you don't...um, it looks neat!=}
I never got around to experimenting with that idea because I didn't have any old jeans that still fit me, and all of my newer jeans were, um, new, so I didn't want to cut into them, for obvious reasons. 
Yes, I could have just bought a pair of jeans at the thrift store, but I always forgot to do that or we didn't have enough time for me to try on jeans.
However, the other day, while rummaging around in our "sewing room" (ha - try junk room), I stumbled upon a pair of slacks that I had worn the knees out of.  The legs were way too short for me, but the hips and waist still fit perfectly (apparently I've only grown up, not out...yet;)
With a pair of pants to work with, I was ready to begin experimenting!
First, I cut the pants legs off just above the worn out knees...
And what better thing to do while sewing than watch a movie?  My movie choice at that moment was The Ugly Dachshund with Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette.  During the course of this sewing spree I also watched Fiddler on the Roof, several westerns, Singin' in the Rain, and others that I can't remember...=)
Good flick...
I then cut along the inside seam line, like so...
Now what?
After many different designs and ideas (and a lot of ripped stitches (why I didn't just baste everything in the first place, I have no idea), I came up with this...with lots of help and advice from Mom:)
Ta-da!  I ended up turning it into a four gore skirt - one in the front, one in the back, and one on both sides.  The fabric from the pants legs that I cut off was the exact amount necessary to make the gores=)
Bonnie, always such a BIG help during sewing projects;p
Then I had to decide how to make the skirt longer.
It was only a bit below knee length, and I prefer my skirts to be at least mid calf length, simply because I like long, full skirts.
The solution?
A ruffle.
I found the perfect fabric in a box of goodies that our dear friend Mrs. Ahern sent to us a while back.
(Incidentally, she's the one who sent us Singin' in the Rain - she knows me well:)
The color of the vines on this fabric is almost the exact same color as the slacks.  Perfect!
I love the blue, too:)  I love italics, too, but you probably didn't notice that;)
Hmm, but going from the kahki slacks to the blue fabric didn't look quite right...
It needed something else...
Aha!  I found some very pretty lace in our scrap box and it was just the right color, and just the right length.
I love it when that happens=D
Here's the finished project...
Next time we're at the thrift store I will remember to buy a few pairs of jeans and then I'll try variations on the design I came up with.
Happy Trails, folks!

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Re: A Sewing Experiment
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2009/11/12 - 22:11 GMT
That's so cute! You're such a good seamstress :)
Re: A Sewing Experiment
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2009/11/13 - 0:32 GMT
Re: A Sewing Experiment
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2009/11/13 - 1:50 GMT
You inspired me Tasha! I decided I definately need one of those :). I was going to throw away about 5 pairs of jeans which I thankfully haven't yet :). I'll have to try it out!
Re: A Sewing Experiment
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/11/13 - 4:04 GMT
BEAUTIFUL!! I could give you some of mine and you could make them for me! Or maybe not....

I love it Tash!
Re: A Sewing Experiment
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/11/13 - 5:33 GMT
Abbie- Thanks, Cuz:)
Kellie- =:^)
Michelle- I'm so glad I posted pictures before you threw your old jeans out!  How nice that you have some to experiment with=)  Let me know how it goes!  And post pictures on your blog:)
Lauren- If you want me to, I can, but I'm sure you and your mom can figure it out, you're both such accomplished seamstresses.  I'm glad you liked the idea:)
Now that I've made a start, I want to experiment with some different ways to turn pants into a skirt, so hopefully I'll be going to the thrift store sometime soon so I can get some jeans...  I'll post pictures if I come up with any variations:)

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