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SRC Chat Room
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A way to chat with fellow SRs on the site
Submitted By MoRbEuS_2142 on 09/11/08
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This chat room provides a way to converse with your fellow players. I only ask that, every once in a while, you BAM this post. That way, it will stay on top.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator
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Re: SRC Chat Room
20 hours - 2,232v
Posted 2009/11/09 - 23:54 GMT
hey Morb, do you want me to tell the SRs about this site? or no? PLEASE RESPOND SUPER QUICK, I WANT TO TELL THE SRS ABOUT THIS IN THE STUNT RUN POST!!!! thx and btw, TheDude made Humor America?!?!?!?!


Threaded Hybrid Flat 1 Replies

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