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Everything has to have rules to stop it from being complete and utter chaos. I dislike having to make these, but as I said, everything needs rules. There are dashes next to each rule, and these are a reference to a penalty. if the majority of a club with their leader does this, the penalty applies to the whole club. (sorry to those innocent!) All penalties must be obeyed or a five dash penalty will be immidiately applied. (banishment)
1. No spamming*
     This means no filling up forums with useless stuff, or overloading people's pm systems with junk      mail.
2. Act nicely**
     Don't be horrible to people. They don't like it, and we don't like to listen to them complain about      you. If you have a problem with someone, tell us! we will deal with them!
3. No War***
     This means no being nasty to another club, and NQSing them when you get the chance.
4. No picking on someone****
     I can't remember if this is trolling or flaming X( This means continually being nasty to them. This is      a breach of rule two, andis focused on th one person.
5. Repeated offence of Penalty 3&4*****
     Says it all, really
*warning, then at repeated offence, banishment for one day.
**warning, then at repeated ofence banishment for one week.
***banishment for a fortnight
****banishment for a month
*****permanent banishment
You may not post or take part in any meeting.
Also, rules for Leaders and Reps:
You must take part in each weekly meeting. post if you can't. Also, you may bring two members to each meeting, who may take part in it. Anyone, though, can watch a meeting

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