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Memory Lane
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The best vacation ever - Part Two
Submitted By edith on 09/10/22
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~North Carolina~
October 17-27, 2008
~Just hanging out~
Bike riding in the Miller's beautiful woods - make sure to put lots of bug spray on;)  I could just feel the bugs crawling up my legs...even though they weren't *shudder*  It's not that bugs scare me...I just don't like them on me...
Hehe - our midnight visitor, Sam-the-Dummy=)
I just have to tell y'all the story behind Sam-the-Dummy's midnight visit...
The boys started the whole ball rolling, of course, by tying Abbie's door knob, and Faye's door knob together, thus trapping us in our rooms - their rooms are conveniently placed across the hall from each other.  Perfect for tying the door knobs together;)
They let Faye out because they said she was nice...and she promised to make muffins for them;) 
They kept Abbie and I prisoners until we wrote up a short paper on how wonderful they were...which we did.
Well, we were hungry!;)
Naturally, we couldn't just let them do that to us without some kind of...revenge, shall we say?!
So, after consulting Aunt Donna for advice (she was a wealth of information on things to do to them=), we decided to wait until they boys were asleep, and then sneak into their room, and tie them to their beds.
One problem - we didn't have any rope.
We contemplated asking Uncle Tom for a rope, but we decided not to risk it - we suspected (and we were right) that he was on their side...
So...what did we do?
We crocheted yarn into "chains" - long chains.
Not too long after we were "in bed", if you had opened Abbie's door, you would have seen Abbie, Gabby (who was spending the night), and I sitting on the bed, diligently crocheting "chains" out of burgundy colored yarn, and watching Chariots of Fire.
Thankfully, Chariots of Fire is a long movie, because we had a long wait - those boys just wouldn't go to sleep!  
They kept doing things, like knocking on our door, leaving Sam-the-Dummy leaning on it, and then running down the hall to Ivan's room, cackling wildly.
And throwing a deck of cards into our room - 52 pick um up, anyone?
And leaving a can of ham outside our door with a note taped to it...we're still not sure what that was all about.
Finally, at about 5 in the morning, their light went out.  We gave them a half hour to fall asleep, and then...
We struck...
...after Abbie and I woke Gabby up:)
Three pajama clad figures snuck sneakily (?!) down the hallway, creeping silently past the office, then Sarah Jo's room, before arriving at Ivan's door...
One of us turned the knob, and gently pushed on the door...
Note to self: remind Abbie to oil the hinges on Ivan's door next time.
We thought for sure that the creaking door had given us away - especially when the dog started woofing downstairs - so we ran (silently) back up the hall to Abbie's room, where we collapsed laughing (silently) on the bed.
After calming ourselves (somewhat;), we regrouped, and headed down the hall again.
Being careful to open the door slowly this time, we finally made it into enemy territory...
We began to tie them up, and all was going well, until Alex started talking him sleep, causing us to almost choke trying not to laugh.
There followed another round of silent figures running back up the hall to Abbie's room, where we again collapsed on the bed, laughing hysterically.
Obviously, this wasn't going to work.
We decided that I would go by myself and tie up Alex, then Abbie would go and tie up Ivan.
That worked.
Then we took the rest of our "chains" and tied their door shut (they have a lot of conveniently located door knobs in their house:)
Mission accomplished.
We then proceeded to fall into bed, and sleep until 10:00 :)
Oh, and you know the bad thing about using yarn to tie people up and tie their door shut?
Well, the sad fact is, yarn stretches.
Not to self: bring my own rope next time.
Yes, we woke up the next morning to find that our door had been tied shut...
Oh well, we sure had fun=D
I would like to thank Uncle Tom and Aunt Donna for their extreme patience with all of our antics, and for inviting us to stay longer even after all of that.
I hope I didn't bore y'all there, but I just had to share those memories:)
Sam-the-Dummy's feet
Playing "Pit" was a major part of each day:) 
Aww - cute, sweet, BIG, Molly:)
The next day, we left the Tom Miller household to visit the Mike Miller household several hours away...
We spent two days at the Outer Banks with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Michelle, and my cousins Michael David and Ashley.
Hmm, Roanoke...why is it that I feel like I should be searching for clues when I read that word?;)
You have to take a ferry to each of the different islands that make up the Outer Banks.
My mom and Ashley in the cabin on the ferry - Ashley is a sweet little girl, but very energetic.  I don't know how my Aunt Michelle does it, but I was worn out after only 2 days with her=)   I had a very good time with her though, despite her seemingly endless supply of energy:)
Ashley, Uncle Mike, and Michael David
Walking on the sand dunes
The Hatteras lighthouse
Because we went out of season, the lighthouse was closed, so we didn't get to go up in it.
I was highly disappointed:(
Some guys were painting the lighthouse, and we thought their collection of warning signs was rather humorous:)
I don't know, do you think they have enough danger signs?!
I LOVED the pastel colored beach houses! 
Aren't they darling?!
I could definitely live in one:)
I loved the drift fences (or whatever they're called) too:)
A nifty bridge...oh, and road construction:)
I think I'm going to turn this Memory Lane post from a two into a three part post...*groans*
Well, if I don't, this page will take forever and a day to load!;)
Happy Trails, y'all!

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Re: Memory Lane
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2009/10/29 - 23:41 GMT
Ah, I'm so glad you remember the our hilarious, late-night adventures in such detail. I have a knack for forgetting the important, funny details unless I write them down. I was cracking up reading this, and having such a good time remembering :)
Can you believe it's been a WHOLE YEAR?! Oy! I'm SO GLAD y'all are coming in March. I can't wait!
Awesome pictures... and good memories :)
Re: Memory Lane
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/10/30 - 2:43 GMT
I was cracking myself up, reading and remembering:)  Good times, good times...
Remember playing Sardines?  "She's not in here, you fool!"  Yeah, right...;D
And Pit?  And Spoons?  You were the Spoons Tournament Champion!=)
It seems like we were always singing or playing music, too... "Grow the ro-o-o-ses!";)
Hehe, remember when the boys left the radio on outside our/your door, and turned it up really loud?!
I think my favorite memory, is reading our Bibles together before bed.  It was so peaceful.
That was such a fun trip=)
I'll have to see if I can post a few video clips from the trip...they would be highly entertaining, I'm sure;) 
I know, it seems like only yesterday....  I CAN'T WAIT, EITHER!!  It's going to be so much fun seeing y'all again!!!  
Re: Memory Lane
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/10/30 - 3:57 GMT
I loved it!!!
Sounds like a good idea! Maybe I can try it on Kent... or maybe not! lol

Ferries... I hate them! I get sea sick!

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