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Lava Drag
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kind of explains itself
Submitted By Grae on 09/10/24
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I have just thought up a great idea! A slider near the top of the server settings, near to "lava alt" and "lava fog" called "lava drag". Essentially, if the slider was at max, you couldn't go under the lava at all, and if it was at min, then it would be just like flying above the lava. Tell me what you guys think!

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Re: Lava Drag
1 day - 3,337v
Posted 2009/10/24 - 14:36 GMT
Sort of cool, and I wouldn't mind it, but it would be hard to program and nearly pointless.
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Re: Lava Drag
5 days - 7,364v
Posted 2009/10/24 - 15:19 GMT
not really pointless, think about it, you are trying to evade the quarry's myriad of laser's you swoop down into a steep dive in the lava, and fly underlavafor a bit while the lasers uselessly get absored by lava
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Re: Lava Drag
1 day - 3,671v
Posted 2009/10/25 - 1:12 GMT
Cool idea, but yeah, it WOULD take a lot of programming.

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