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Happy Birthday, Michelle!
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Submitted By edith on 09/10/04
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Your friendship is so special to me.   I'm so glad you're my friend:)
We've had a lot of fun times together...
The Family Music Night
swimming at the lake
Filming Rathdrum Willie:)
Annalisa's bridal shower
Matthew Conner locking his keys in the car;)
Fun at the Grasser's house
Picking cherries
Trail ride
Graduation party
Happy Birthday, Michelle!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Michelle!
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Posted 2009/10/04 - 22:45 GMT
Thank you Tasha! I'm so thankful your my friend too :). I love the pictures!  Yes we certainly have had fun times together and lots of memories. I might add to your list the road trip to Silver Mt. :), the crazy times we had at yeabook, staying up all night watching Pollyanna and talking until 2:00 in the morning :).  And it all happened because of a bee sting :). Funny how things like that can make a friendship. Thank you for being my friend.
Re: Happy Birthday, Michelle!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/10/05 - 2:20 GMT
That's right!  All because of a bee sting...
Aren't you glad that bee stung you?;)
Hehe, that trip to Silver Mt. was something else..."Give me liberty, or give me banana peels!";)
Watching Pollyanna was so much fun=)
Thank you for being my friend:)
Re: Happy Birthday, Michelle!
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Posted 2009/10/05 - 4:01 GMT
Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Uh um... what about the time that you and I stayed up so late and then we saw the coffee pot that said it was 5??? We thought that we were going to get killed then! lol

Hope you had a great day.


P.s You gotta love Alex's face when Matthew locked himself out!
Re: Happy Birthday, Michelle!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/10/05 - 4:48 GMT
Yep, Alex got Matthew's car unlocked in 1.12 minutes using only a wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers.
He was quite pleased with himself:)  Later, Kellie and I found the wire that he used - someone bent it into letters, which spell out "Chief";)  Don't know what happened to it...

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