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Meshes Added!
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But Cryptic...
Submitted By flyclub on 09/09/18
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Well, meshes were recently added! :D However, for what ever reason, they are cryptic...
THis is about one percent of the sky monster:
vAA Ësw¡»B¿©£BÁñ›N ‡òõMN ‡ÜìVN∂‚4ô¶M∂‚òõMN∂‚òõMN£*è:O∂‚ÜìVN£ÌóMM∂‚°ÚM ‡Áñ›N∂‚°ÚM∂‚Áñ›N£ÈüN£NìöO ‡∑ë
N∂‚4ô¶M£)ü’L∂‚“ü8M∂‚íöNÍÙᆢMÍÙ%ò—O ‡låDP∂‚*è:O£ÛåO∂‚4ô¶MQùZï}N£9ûIL∂‚)ü
Yeah.... A little unnerving.
Luckily, it actually looks like it might be a blender file! I'll post my results...
It's not a .blend, never mind.

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