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A Random Posting of Pictures
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August 2009
Submitted By edith on 09/09/20
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I was going through our pictures from the last few months just now, and I realized that there were quite a few that I meant to post, but never did.
Fresh blueberries and raspberries!
One of our neighbor's horses, Deuce.
This guy on his tiny motorcycle made us laugh=)
Special Olympics practice at Marian's
Ethan on Joey, and one of his brothers, Travis...I think...it could be Seth, his twin brother...either way, he's riding Major:)
Lena and Arnold
Seth (or Travis:) on Sage, and Brianna on Mariah.
Mom and Mrs. Griel (Brianna's mom) talking.
Me and Mrs. Griel talking...there wasn't much to do that night, therefore, I sat, and talked:)
Alex sat, too...until Marian caught him doing it;)
Bonnie - I think this was the day she got stung twice on the face by wasps, so her face is a bit funny looking...then again, it's always a bit funny looking;)  You can sort of see that the left side of her face is swollen.
btw, feel free to ignore the junk behind Bonnie...
The lazy (or, is it crazy?!) fiddler, Peppy;)
"Who wants a snack?!"  "Me me me me!"
Working on filming Rathdrum Willie
And, no, we DO NOT have a character in the movie that looks like that!  Christopher got bored, so he put Willie's "beard" on his head, and Joe's hat on backwards:)
He thought himself quite funny
Wow, check out "Joe's" stomach...hehehe;)
Playing on the swings at Farragut State Park
Cute little Jacob:) 
Oh, and the two posterior ends belong to Sweet Pea (on the left) and Honey (on the right), two of our breeding ewes.
More Rathdrum Willie - I can't tell you what we were filming here, because the rest of the crew would probably accuse me of breach of secrecy, but I can tell you that it turned out rolling-on-the-floor-laughing hilarious=)
The Hat Band performing...umm, somewhere.  Can't remember exactly where...somewhere in North Idaho, I assume.  I obviously wasn't at the particular performance;)
4-H canoeing
Kent and Sarah with their kids visit - I'm so sorry I didn't post these pics before, Lauren!  Would you believe, I forgot?=}
Levi feeds our Barbados Blackbelly, Calvin, a leaf.
(Oh, great.  The corny comments begin...;)
Ellie (I'm not sure how they spell her name, Lauren:) feeds Calvin a leaf
(You knew that one was coming...;)
But, of all of the animals on our mini farm, the kids liked Mitts, the cat, the best.
Petting Dewey
See what I mean?  Even at the horse barn, all they wanted to do was pet the cat.
Well, well, well...what have we here?!
The Hat Band recording their first CD - From Under The Hat.
Somewhere, there's a perfect caption for this picture...but, unfortunately, I can't think of it=) 
Any suggestions?
And some pictures really don't need a caption...
Yep, sometimes words aren't even necessary:)
So. why am I talking...
Shooting at wasps with Airsoft guns - the things we Idaho hicks do for fun=)
They look so intense, don't they?
At the Ruseler's house before Jordan and Corbin left for Africa.
Oh, and my shirt isn't orange...it's pink.  But, it looks orange in this picture.
I don't like orange.
Oh, and may I draw your attention to Peppy on the far right? *sigh* Some people's children...
Nigel, basking in the sun
Haha - the arrow=D  No one will appreciate this picture but Kellie:)
More pictures from recording the CD...
Christopher, in his "cell".
Rod...well, the back of his head;)   He did an excellent job recording the CD, and, most importantly, dealing with the antics of three boys;)
Another view of the "cell" - too bad we can't see them very welll....I'll bet they were making some really good faces=)
Well, I think that's enough pictures to keep y'all busy for a while;)
Happy Trails!

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Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/10/20 - 3:02 GMT
I love my babies! O.K., so they are not mine! lol Ellie is correct, although I call her the Drama Queen or the Bean. My nicknames! Can you e-mail them to me??

I love pics #s 12-31 but the Idaho hics beats all!

Miss you!

Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/10/20 - 3:08 GMT
lol.  I really like that picture, too;)
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/10/20 - 3:04 GMT
P.S. They loved Mitts!!! I could not belive that Levi wanted to stay with Mitts rather than go see the horses!

We all enjoyed that day!
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2009/10/20 - 18:38 GMT
#16.  LSHICB!
#31.  Cheese, Grommet!  Let's go somewhere where there's cheese!! =D
Oh, we were so sad to miss the Ruselers!  I am really looking forward to hearing their story when they come home.
Hehe, the arrow.  Such a neat, perfect, lovely little thing.
P.S. Deuce is a very handsome horse, indeed!
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/10/21 - 3:28 GMT
Hehe - I think No. 16 is definitely one of my favorites;)
I sure missed you at the Ruselers that night:(  I didn't miss Aubrey's rules for kick-the-can, though;D
Have you been on their blog recently?  They have some pictures and a lot of posts about what they're doing there, but I can hardly wait to here their story from them in person! 
It was a very nice arrow;)
P.S. He is a very good looking horse - it's just a shame that no one over took the time to train him:(  As far as I know, he's not even saddle trained!  He's 1/2 QH 1/2 Arab, and he has such a sweet personality.  I'll bet he could really bend the breeze=)  It's a waste of an excellent horse in my opinion...

Threaded Hybrid Flat 5 Comments

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