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The Bonner County Fair
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Fun with the Falconers and the Grassers
Submitted By edith on 09/08/31
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Bonner County is the county just north of us, and they put on a great fair.
It's not really spectacular, but it's so country, and homey, and fun.  And it's free, except for a $1.50 parking fee. 
Yep, really expensive;)
Yesterday afternoon and evening we spent at the fair with the Falconers and the Grassers.
Kellie, Ellen, & Lilly, and Mandy were in 4-H sewing this year, and they all had to go to a fashion show where they were judged on many different things including the fit of their sewing project, etc.  Kellie made a western shirt, Ellen made a Civil War era dress, and Lilly and Mandy sewed lovely skirts.
Kellie won Grand Champion with her lovely western shirt, and she also won an award for the top Senior 4-H Model (did I get that title correct, Kellie?).
Congratulations, Kellie!  I'm so proud of you!  I know modeling isn't your thing, but I'm still proud of you:)
Congratulations also to Lauren for her award winning crochet project!  It's absolutely beautiful, Lauren:)
Unfortunately, our camera ran out of batteries (oops!  I wonder who forgot to charge them...not me, of course;), so we didn't get a whole lot of pictures.
Waiting in line to show off their award winning sewing projects.
We're in the middle of this picture...sort of.
Here's Kellie at the fashion show where they were judged - we didn't get any good pictures of the fashion show at the fair.
I really wish our camera hadn't run out of batteries, because then you would have seen some of the cool (and strange) things we saw - like Washboard Willie (no relation to Rathdrum Willie, btw;), this guy on really cool springy stilt things (Alex challenged him to a race, but he declined), the neat old tractors, and other neat stuff.
But, we didn't.
Oh well, there's always next year I suppose:)
Happy Trails y'all!

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Re: The Bonner County Fair
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Posted 2009/09/02 - 1:37 GMT
Ahh, a fair. Sounds like such good, old-fashioned fun! We went to our state fair one time, when I was really young, and I don't remember much...but I do remember loving it!
Woohoo Kellie! Congrats on winning the award for your shirt. It's very cute!
Re: The Bonner County Fair
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Posted 2009/09/02 - 4:36 GMT
It is good, ol' fashioned fun:)  We love going to the fair every year.  It's something we look forward to all through the year.

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