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Possible Jet Design
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Badly drawn... could someone make this into a sketchup design?
Submitted By red on 09/08/20
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I posted this months ago, but this is the design.
One idea was to make it flat, so it had superb aerodynamics, as well as a small target while vulnerable on the ground, before takeoff or after landing. It would be quite a large target from below, however, to balance it out.

My design ideas included the fact that the Jet WILL need to be able to travel by land as well. My main points are Z-fold wings, and rotating wheels/engines.
The wings fold in two places, the middle-endish area, and where they join to the jet. The engines rotate 90 degrees, making wheels to land on. However, this renders the jet nearly incapable of moving in lava, maybe at only 1-5 mph max.
Other parts are a stabilizer fin, to aid in both aerodynamics and stabilizing, and to make it look better, and two pods containing lasers, so you can fire one after the other at a set speed.
EDIT: I made a sketchup model:
(How can I upload the model?)
Bottom view of the JetLefthand view of the JetDiagonal Right-hand view of the JetAngled Left-hand view of the Jet

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Array Re: Possible Jet Design
2009/08/20 - 16:16 GMT
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It's all nice but with all respect they won't come much better than maccy's and gtr's. So you can for fun but don't expect it to be implemented.
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Array Re: Possible Jet Design
2009/08/20 - 16:23 GMT
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Oh, no...
this is just an IDEA!
lol, I'm hoping GTR or MacDane will take this further, modeling it, changing it as necessary, etc.
They can even claim they invented it, i don't care, i just would like to try flying it :)
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Array Re: Possible Jet Design
2009/08/20 - 16:36 GMT << In Reply to
Oh still tho :/.
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Array Re: Possible Jet Design
2009/08/21 - 5:26 GMT
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dis is no jet idea THIS is a jet idea
p.s i do plan to make this, and yes there is only one wing on it as i was too lazy to draw on the other one
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Array Re: Possible Jet Design
2009/09/05 - 20:51 GMT
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Uh... I can't tell what it is. Anyway... Big news. My star cruiser project is now in affect, with a new café called "Café De Bugg". The bar stools are accsessible to buggies. It is located under a glass bubble on one of the upper decks.

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