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Guess what this is...
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Submitted By richardb on 09/08/19
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You may have seen my RB and I <3 Apple Letter designs inspired by MacDane's one. And I am making another really really big one and I thought it would be fun if people had a guess at what it's gonna be. Don't tell anyone MacDane! (he is the only one that knows seeing that I plan to commit suicide after writing this just so that nobody knows... hehe).
Take a guess. 4 letters have been done in the bottom left.

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Array Re: Guess what this is...
2009/08/19 - 16:51 GMT
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You actually got the intersect to work on it?
how long did it take to complete?
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Array Re: Guess what this is...
2009/08/19 - 17:01 GMT << In Reply to
lol um actually for some reason i had to do 2 cos the bottoms of each letter are flat because i put tape measure guide lines up while i drew on the letters and of course the lines liked to stick to the guides so anyway um i did it once and erased stuff but instead of lines making a sqaure 
the select just spilled into the other 4 sections around it because there were no lines for the square, if i didn't intersect again i would have had to manually draw squares on every piece of letter that touches the floor so that one erase didn't erase 10x what i wanted.
um ye well it did take long but i managed to keep myself occupied (no not mars the servers don't work cough cough)
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Array Re: Guess what this is...
2009/08/19 - 23:02 GMT
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I had to restart but I am not gonna leave anyone empty handed. I am gonna post summin new.

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