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HR-61 non-violent crime bill
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Does anyone agree with it?
Submitted By cms13ca on 09/07/29
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Over the past several months, Kent Hovind has been trying to get his supporters to urge the House of Representatives to pass HR-61:
There seems to be a lack of interest, even among Kent's supporters:
Do you agree with this bill? Does this hurt Kent's case?

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Re: HR-61 non-violent crime bill
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Posted 2009/07/29 - 14:24 GMT
aaah a good conduct bill which allows the well behaved prisoners to get discharged alot sooned (8 days per onth for hovinds sentance!! WTF almost 1/3 of the time is then deduced).
i am for this, in fact, im for cutting the sentance time of most offences.
like drug possesion.
america has the biggest prison population in the world...if you'd forgoe the prison sentance on drug possesion (like pot, or small amount of hard drugs) then replace em with work punishments (like community service) and informative cursusses, i'd be for that 100%.
but that would mean that kent would stil have to pay the fine for tax evasion, and he'd have to do community service. rly, no real need to send someone to jail for years, for taxes he's evaded....service with a leash wil ldo the instructional job just fine.
i'd even through in a crash course on biology and physics if it were up to me!.
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Re: HR-61 non-violent crime bill
5 days - 8,142v
Posted 2009/07/29 - 14:28 GMT
funny thing btw, from your CSE blog source ..
"Second, you are right that this bill would release some “real criminals just because their crime was non-violent.” You said, “People like Bernie Madoff would go free.” Getting 50% off a 150 year sentence for a man his age would not set him free, and I think people who support what happened to him are missing the real picture."
the deduction won't go for life scentances...
"(a) Each prisoner convicted of an offense against the United States and confined in a penal or correctional institution for a definite term other than for life, whose record of conduct shows that the prisoner has substantially observed all regulations promulgated by the Director of the Bureau of Prisons and has not been subjected to punishment, shall be entitled to a deduction from the term of his sentence imposed beginning with the day on which the sentence commences to run, and including time served in pretrial confinement, as follows:"
madoff got life.
and another funny thing..,

"Yes, Webserv, I would have given your answer several years ago. You almost have to get attacked by the beast yourself and spend some time here to understand. It was the fundamentalist Christians, like me, that caused this problem with our cries for “tough on crime!” We didn’t seek God’s face (2 Chr. 7:14) on this matter. Long prison terms are tough on children, wives, society, and the men and women who come here.

Is the real hidden agenda to advance the “New World Order” by taking away funds from felons, building large prisons to house dissenters, and advance the socialization of America? Probably. It won’t matter soon."
eeehm.... does not compute?
you're admitting fault, and then blaming it on the "conspiricy".

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