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The Acorns - July 12th
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Submitted By edith on 09/07/13
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After a very nice Bible study at home (Matthew 22), we headed over to Talache where we met up with the F family and the W family. 
I was teaching Clara how to use the Stream Machine water gun...
Our target?
Clara was very pleased when she got Aubrey wet:)  Oh, and, despite certain claims, I did not help her aim the gun.  I did help her shoot it...she needed just a wee bit o' help getting it to go that far;)
Thankfully, the predicted thunderstorm held off until after we got home (and until after all of my animals were fed and safely under shelter).  We stayed up until after 11 PM watching the lightening.  How anyone can see such spectacular lightening, and hear the mighty thunder, and still not believe in the Creator, is beyond me...
Happy Trails Folks!

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