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Our 4th of July
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Croquet, hiking, and fireworks
Submitted By edith on 09/07/06
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Continuing our tradition ("Traa-di-tion!" - If you haven't watched Fiddler on the Roof, then do so ASAP) for the third year in a row, we had the F family over for the 4th of July.
Alex and Aubrey took turns flying Alex's new model airplane around in our lower pasture.
Pickin' cherries in the orchard...
I love this picture of Ellen.  It's so sweet:)
The Chief, looking very debonair with his hat and mallet
The Chief and Aubrey Montague...er, Aubrey;)  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, and who Aubrey Montague is, then please watch Chariots of Fire)
"Monty" (aka Aubrey) shows Clara how to hit her ball.  I love this picture:)
Ellen made the blouse she is wearing.  Isn't it darling?!  It's the perfect blouse for playing croquet:)
Kellie goes for the second wicket
Monty heads for the third wicket
Me!!  The only picture of me, actually:) Thanks for taking my pic Chief=)
Tilda prepares to hit her ball to the second wicket
The third wicket - Monty's ball is orange, I'm red, the Chief is blue, and Kellie is green.
Mrs. F got in on the fun, and whacked Tilda's ball to the fourth wicket.
Kellie, the Chief and I were all tangled up at the sixth wicket for a while, trying to hit our balls through.  It seemed like someone else's ball was always in the way...
At around 9:30, we finally had to end the game - with Monty three wickets in the lead - to go eat dinner. 
After quickly eating our dinner, we hiked up the mountain behind our house to watch the Silverwood (a theme park about 3 miles away) fireworks.  From our vantage point, high on Cedar Mountain, we could see not only Silverwood's show, but the fireworks from Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Athol, and Bayview (all towns within 10 minutes of our house).  It was so pretty.
We then hiked back down the mountain. Kellie, Ellen, and I picked up a bad case of the "Midnight Sillies" on the way down...I'll refrain from saying more;)
After a delicious dessert of strawberry shortcake (thanks to Kellie:), with lots of whipped cream, and ice cream, we collected blankets and pillows, and settled down on our driveway in front of the garage for our own fireworks show, graciously put on by Alex, with help from Monty and Ellen.
It was an impressive show, enhanced greatly by our favorite firework, Hen Laying an Egg.  It's not a very impressive firework really, but the name makes up for it...that and the loud screeching noises it makes;)
Personally, it looks more like a rooster than a hen to me, but whatever:)
We ended our day with music (I'd never tried playing my mandolin in the dark before - it was fun:).
Before we were done with music and star gazing, quite a few of our number had fallen asleep.
Kellie, Dad and I were among those who didn't fall asleep, although I was sorely tempted to close my eyes and give in.
Some, were not so successful...
Thanks for coming F family!  We hope to continue the tradition with y'all next year, and make it four years:)
Happy Trails folks!

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Re: Our 4th of July
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/07/07 - 19:42 GMT
Boy looks like the boys were upto something!!! lol jk
Sounds like you had fun. Sarah and her kids came over this yera(Kent is in some training at Fort Jackson)

See you some time.

Re: Our 4th of July
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/07/08 - 17:40 GMT
Aren't they always? ;)
That's great that Sarah and the kids came out for the 4th!:)
Re: Our 4th of July
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2009/07/09 - 20:34 GMT
I know! They are worse when they are brothers though! lol


Re: Our 4th of July
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/07/10 - 0:57 GMT
Yes, a lot of times, they are:)

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