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Paul Lutus on evolution
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Submitted By doctorofscience on 09/06/20
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Back in April, I posted a link to an article called "What is Science?" by a writer/programmer/scientist named Paul Lutus. He's recently published an interesting article specifically discussing the topic of evolution:
There's one quote from the conclusion that is especially relevant to much of the discussion here:

"However my readers feel about evolution, whatever views they bring to the subject, before making a declaration or taking a position, my advice is to ... learn it first. Many people don't actually understand evolution and end up arguing about it from a position of ignorance.

A colleague once described physicist Stephen Hawking's work as 'so beautiful that it has to be true.' This is a comment one often hears in science, where theories that require only a few principles to explain a lot are particularly prized. Evolution is just such a theory — it uses a small handful of principles to explain a great deal of nature. Which leads me to this closing remark — if religious fundamentalists actually understood evolution, they would try to give God credit for it."

(emphasis: mine)

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Re: Paul Lutus on evolution
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Posted 2009/06/20 - 22:22 GMT
Can't argue with that. I figure that most of the religious scientists have this approach.

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