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...just for laughs....or not
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Submitted By thebiblewascompiledin325AD on 09/06/20
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ehm, LUL WHAT?!
9tail, bigdog,
what do you think about nephilimfree?
what do you think of his argument about the timelaps fotograph of the stars proving a geocentric universe?

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Re: ...just for laughs....or not
2 days - 2,415v
Posted 2009/06/20 - 15:58 GMT
funny what is said about it on wikipedia:

"Modern geocentrism is the belief by extant groups that Earth is the center of the universe as described by classical geocentric models. This belief is often based on Biblical verses and is most common among American Protestants. This belief is directly opposed to scientific evidence that the Sun is essentially the gravitational center of the solar system, and that the location of the Earth is not privileged."
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Re: ...just for laughs....or not
3 days - 4,645v
Posted 2009/06/20 - 18:55 GMT
Modern geocentrism is clear evidence that, for many fundamentalist Christians, no amount of empirical evidence will ever trump "the Bible/my parents/my (title of church leader) tells me so."
It's an authority-based world view - to them, the content of a claim/idea is less important than the perceived authority of the person stating it.
And that mentality is so deeply-ingrained that they can't understand worldviews that value merit instead - the number of times that creationists have tried to invoke Einstein here (as if he were some sort of "Science Pope") is a good example.
Keeping with the Einstein example, they assume that his ideas are accepted because he is revered/respected - which is completely backwards. Einstein is respected because of the quality of his ideas - and unlike a religious authority, he certainly isn't considered infallible (his mistakes are well-known and widely-acknowledged).

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