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My first chicken
Submitted By edith on 09/06/05
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Ginger, a Rhode Island Red, was my first chicken.  The Fs gave her to me, along with two little chicks that she hatched out, last year.
This morning when I went out to the chicken coop to let my chickens out, she wasn't looking very good.  She was sitting on the floor of the coop, and she wouldn't eat.  I decided to leave her in the coop while we were picking up my grandma at the airport, and see how she was doing when I got back.  Poor little Ginger died while we were gone.
She was a prolific layer, and a very loving mother to her two chicks last year.
Although I'm not all that attached to my chickens, I'm still a bit sad, since she was my first hen. 
Ginger is the top middle hen in this picture.

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