Where is the food grown?

All our food is grown in the beautiful Cocolalla Valley in the Idaho panhandle.  This farm has been in our family since 1949, when our parents purchased it as a chcken farm.  Most of the buildings are the original buildings which have been renovated to make them sound and usable.  

What are Free-Range Eggs?

Free-Range Eggs are eggs produced from chickens who are allowed out in the open.  By law they must have"access" to outdoors for at least 10 minutes a day.  However, our chickens are more accurately called "Pastured Poultry" as they are actually allowed  to roam free on the farm.  In the summer they are housed in portable housing which is located out in the cattle pastures.  The laying hens are in what we call "Egg Mobiles" which contain thier feed, water, next boxes and roosts for sleeping at night.  Each Egg Mobile is moved every few days to a new location so that the hens always have fresh new grass and bugs to eat.   This is in contrast to the crowded, dirty, and disease producing high-volume egg production facilities.

The Fryers are housed in smaller, but also portable, Pasture Pens, which are moved to new grass daily.  This means that they are always on fresh pasture, not sitting in a building full of their own droppings, as in commerical "chicken factories".  This allows them to be much healthier without ever needing any antibiotics or chemical inputs.  

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