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Yay, the site is open.
Submitted By kirbyfreak on 09/06/02
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The new site of the KRPGBG is now open.  I say new cause the old one had to be password protected, cause it had my name in the address, but that meant that people couldn't come in and see it.  KRPGBG stands for the Kirby Role Playing Game Board Game.  I basically took a basic computer RPG, made no storyline, and put Kirby into it.  So have fun!

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Posted 2009/06/05 - 2:44 GMT
"kirby role playing game boar game" is redundant, try "kirby role playing board game", or krpbg.
1 day - 3,527v
Posted 2009/07/10 - 1:03 GMT
erm... that IS a good idea, but i already have the site and stuff with KRPGBG.  thanks though.
3 days - 10,178v
Posted 2009/06/06 - 14:31 GMT
sorry about the whole malcon mix up :P
I can't wait to see your game!
(is kirby that little pink guy who sucks up things and gets their powers?)
12 hours - 1,592v
Posted 2009/06/09 - 1:46 GMT
yes, yes he is.

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