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-Remember Ota Benga-
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another tripe display of evolutionary compassion
Submitted By 9tails on 09/05/24
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"After the St. Louis exhibit, Ota found himself at the Bronx Zoo which at that time was under the direction of Dr. William T. Hornaday, who was considered a bit eccentric. Hornaday believed animals had nearly human thoughts and personalities, and he could read the thoughts of zoo animals. He "apparently saw no difference between a wild beast and the little Black man" and insisted he was only offering an "intriguing exhibit"."
Just another example of the sick humanist mind, Racism is just one aspect. Other evolution based thinkings are 'population control', 'bio diversity', 'genocide / mass murder', 'sexual deviancy', 'animal worship' & 'enviromental worship'. As well as others.
The agenda of the humanist mind and evolution is to;
1) Create boundaries where there are none.
2) Destroy boundaries & laws long upheld and advocated.
I take comfort in knowing that I was divinely sanctictioned, designed & made in the very image of the most high. My ancestors were all human & my worth superceeds that of all creation.
Evolutionists view humanities image as an accident. They view humanity as an insignificant, trivial and pointless conjur. And that we have the same worth as worms. Great job, you guys. I wonder how you manage to get out of bed.
Answer these questions, honestly please:
1) Which is more important, the interests of humanity & his personal well-being or the interests of the bio diverse world?
2) What designates worth & signifiacance?
3) Which has more of a right to live, MAN or DOG?
4) Which is more important, the individual independence or the community coorperation for well being?
5) Does man have the right to hunt stupid animals (that being all animals)?
6) Does man have the right to use and, sometimes, abuse other life forms and the enviroment for his well being?
7) When, do you suspect, will man reach a complete evolutionary change? (have a full altered appearance from the way he looks now).

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