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La da dee dum da dee
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A Happy Day
Submitted By edith on 09/05/29
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I'm happy today=D 
Why?  No reason in particular.  I'm just happy:)
I had a really nice time reading my Bible this morning.  I've been working my way through the Old Testament (OT), and I'm on Judges right now.  I read about Gideon today.  I love that story:)  It's so neat how God showed His power by defeating Israel's enemies with only 300 men.   I was happy to get a good story like that, because the OT is just full of laws and sacrifice, and the like, which gets kind of old after awhile...  Judges has been very interesting so far, even though pretty much the same thing happens in each chapter.  The Israelites turn from God, He allows another nation to take over, they're in captivity for a while, then they repent, and God will raise up a hero for them, who drives the enemy out, and then they do it all over again.  Still, each time it happens in a different way, so that keeps it interesting.
I'm happy because I drove almost all the way home from the A's house today=)
I even drove across the super scary highway from Bruner Rd. to Bunco Rd.  I've never done that before=)   Is that cool, or is that cool?!?!
I'm also happy because I'm wearing a new shirt.  It was on sale.  It's green=)  Not grass green, or mint green.  It's kind of like a lime green, but not quite.  It's really more like a frosty sage/minty green...  Oh, I don't know what color of green it is.  It's green=)
It is absolutely gorgeous today!   84 degrees!!!  I can hardly WAIT for our pond to get warm enough to go swimming!=)
But, even if I hadn't drove home from the A's, or worn my new green shirt, or if it had been cloudy and rainy today, I'd still be happy. 
I'm just happy today:)

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Re: La da dee dum da dee
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Posted 2009/05/31 - 11:04 GMT
Yaaaay : )
I just love days like that.
Hey, I've decided to work my way through the OT again. Or rather, start it again. I don't think I've ever gotten past Exodus, sad as that is. But you know, it's cool because the Bible is one BIG story....a love story :)
Re: La da dee dum da dee
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/05/31 - 14:57 GMT
Yup, me too:)
That's great!  It's been a lot of fun for me:)  The hardest book for me to work through, was Leviticus.  I had to force myself to read a chapter in the morning and evening, or I probably would have never made it through:)

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