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Pictures of the Lambs
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Esther's lambs
Submitted By edith on 09/05/14
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Alex and I banded the new lamb's tails today.  Mrs. A did the 7 day old lamb's tail on Monday, and showed me how to do it, so I had some idea of how it was done.  It was actually pretty easy:)  Alex was a very patient helper:-)  At this age, the lambs aren't strong enough to put up a real fuss, so his job wasn't too hard.  I mean, it can't be too awful to have to hold a sweet little lamb, right? ;)
Esther is such a good mother.  The whole time I was handling her babies, she kept a close watch on them ( you can see her watching in the two pics below).  She trusts me to a certain extent, but not enough for me to handle her yet.  We'll get there eventually...
I'm thinking of naming these two lambs after Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy=)  (guess what I was watching today:)  That would be using two of the names you suggested, Abbie and Michelle:)
The little black one was not happy about getting his tail banded.  It doesn't hurt, but it does pinch a bit, and, until they get used to it, it bothers them a bit.  When I left them, he was looking rather sorry for himself, but he was fine when I went down later:)
I let Esther and her babies out of their pen for the first time today.  Next time, I'll leave Lady Jane and her baby in their pen.  Lady Jane is rather bossy, and she kept butting Esther.  They would never really hurt each other, but one of Esther's lambs got knocked over, so I'd rather keep them separate until the lambs are a bit stronger.
Happy Trails!

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