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Short but funny
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Submitted By lizzle on 09/05/13
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There was a man who was born on the fifth day of the fifth month of 1955, who's lucky number was five. On his birthday he went to the race track and was astounded to see
That in the fifth race (scheduled for 5 o'clock) a horse called pentagram was running, with the odds of 55 to 1. Rushing off to the bank, the man was astonished to find he had $5,555,55 in his bank account. He withdrew the whole amount, dashed back to the race and bet all of of on pentagram to
Win. Pentagram, obviously came in fifth.

A sailor met a pirate, and they started talking about their adventures at sea. The sailor noticed that the pirates had a peg leg, a hook and an eye pack. The sailor asked "so how did you get the pegleg?" the pirate replied "we were in a storm at the sea, and I was swept overbord into a school of sharks. Just as the men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off."
"Wow" exclaimed the sailor. "how did you get the hook?"
"well," replied the pirate, "we border an enemyship and were battling the other sailors with swords. One of them cut off my hand."
"incredible!" remarked the sailor. "how did you get the patch eye?"
"a seagull dropping fell into my eye." replied the pirate.
"you lost your eye to a seagull dropping?" the sailor asked in surprise.
"well" said the pirate, "it was my first day with the hook."

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Re: Short but funny
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Posted 2009/05/13 - 15:35 GMT
Re: Short but funny
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Posted 2009/05/13 - 16:35 GMT
Two Classics, thanx for sharing :D
Re: Short but funny
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Posted 2009/05/13 - 20:01 GMT
Re: Short but funny
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Posted 2009/05/14 - 2:08 GMT
AHA AHA AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Short but funny
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Posted 2009/05/17 - 3:53 GMT
L   M   A   O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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