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It's Two More Boys!!!
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Esther's lambs
Submitted By edith on 09/05/11
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When I went out to feed the animals this morning, lo and behold, Esther had had her lambs!  One is black, and the other has a speckled gray body, with black legs and head.  Both are ram lambs.  So, I have all boys this time:)
They were up and walking around when I got there, but I they weren't quite acting right.  One of them wasn't nursing, and they both had muscular tremors - they looked like they were shivering.  Last year, Esther had twins, and one had white muscles disease, which is a selenium deficiency.  That lamb ended up dying.   I recognized the symptoms - muscular tremors, and stiffness when walking and getting up.  Mom immediately went to the vets office in Athol, and picked up two shots of selenium for the lambs.  While she was gone, I decided that, since I had no idea how long the one lamb had gone without eating, that I should get some food inside him.  So, Alex held Esther still, while I milked her.  I used a syringe, and gave several syringe fulls to the gray one (the one who wasn't eating), and a little bit to the black one.  Then, I waited for mom to arrive with the selenium.   When she got back, Alex gave each of the lambs a shot (I'm still not brave enough to do it myself:), and within 20 min. they were walking around much better, and the one that wasn't nursing before was eating ravenously:)
I am very happy to say that both lambs are still doing well, and, unless something really unusual happens, are going to make it!  This is the first set of twins that my ewes have had where both of the lambs have survived, and Esther's first set of twins that both lived.  Thank you Lord for watching over them and helping me to think clearly!
Now, I need to come up with two more boy names.  Yikes!  Christopher suggested Mordecai and Haman, since their mother's name is Esther;), but I'm not sure I want to name one of my lambs after someone as horrible as Haman!  Still, it's always a possibility...:)  Any ideas for names for these two, anyone?  Abbie??=)

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