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More Lamb Pictures
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Submitted By edith on 09/05/10
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Here are a few more pictures of Mr. No Name and his mommy...
This was his first day out in the big pen with the llamas and Esther.  For the first day and a 1/2 he and his momma were by themselves in a smaller pen, to promote bonding. 
My dog, Bonnie, loves the sheep.  She whimpered and whined, until No Name came close enough to the fence for her to sniff him...and give him a few slobbery "kisses" too:)  He couldn't quite decide if he was afraid of her, or not:-)  He's a very curious little fellow, and he enjoys chasing the chickens around:)
I don't think Picabo, the llama, has ever seen a lamb this tiny before.  She was around our older lambs last year, but none of the young ones.  She very gently sniffed the little guy all over at least five times before she was satisfied:)
This picture was taken today.  No Name is 4 days old now, and he's definitely gaining some weight:)
He is the first lamb to be breed and born on our property.    
Happy Trails!

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