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Recent updates and traffic watch
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100% good news!
Submitted By flyclub on 09/04/21
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This week had been a great one for MENAR's traffic - daily people spiked higher than ever before in history! Monthly people have slowly been increasing as well! In fact almost each day is a new record for monthly!.
A couple days ago traffic spiked to 34 people a day! Then in the next couple of days it fell down to 0 (It does that sometimes, there are days when none of us visit lol) However the downfall is back to normal and we are sustaining (currently, the number may go up, and probably will) about 5.
Monthly, as said earlier, has been slowly creeping up, we maxed out at 117, and due to the short drop in people yesterday we are currently at 108 people per month.
MENAR's history has grown, and we recently required a button that shows us three months back, indicating we have been running for three months!
Also during the month of april we have sustained very good traffic all month, daily is rather spiky, and weekly always seems to disagree with monthly and daily, but overall things are good.
Page views (monthly) are at 4.4 k!
Any who that is the update on our traffic. Remember our goal is 800 people monthly, so keep posting,  keep telling friends about us, and keep giving us ideas that can make the site better!
Speaking of ideas that make the site better I dreamed up the ultimate martian clock, it shows date (month, it will show year soon, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds). And it shows holidays, and events, which are to be programmed in soon.
The best part about this is that the footer was recently updated, and now the clock is on EVERY page on MENAR! No more need to go to the homepage, or add it to your posts to see it! Just scroll down to the bottom and there it is.
Do comment!
~ Flynn Clubaire

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