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1.96: Questions/comments/suggestions
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Submitted By ibcf on 09/04/15
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#1: First off, let me say what everyone else has been saying: the customizable gravity is an AMAZING new feature. Totally. Amazing.
#2: The wing blend thing is now an option, fixing the "energy retention" problem from 1.95. All you flyers, let us rejoice and be merry.
#3: Buggies, if you set the physics right, perform just as well on ground as in the air. Sharps turns and bumps no longer send you bouncing around for 5 minutes.
#4: Just about every complaint/suggestion was heeded, even disable-able vehicles. Thanks!
Other stuff:
#1: Did someone want the activation of the sniper laser zoom to prompt your view to look forward? Not exactly a 1.96 complaint, but I've disliked this and was afraid to ask until now. Especially with the super-high flight performance buggies now have (hard to aim).
#2: When you disable vehicles, you can keep people from switching to them, but you can't make them leave one they are already in. Not that that's a problem, but just so people know.
Everything else was covered by aubrey's post. Now, for the questions:
#1: In case we're feeling nostalgic, what were the physics settings you used for the other versions? Like 1.9? And 1.94? And especially 1.91? What did the stiff wings have?
#2: What does the powered loops option change, exactly?
#3: Are there going to be adjustable hovercraft physics? (Some people liked the old physics better, I hear).
#4: In 1.97, will there be a sea monster in the lava racer world? (Just curious).
#5: Are the hovercrafts going to have a special function in 1.97?
Again, thanks, thanks, and thanks for the most amazing online game ever created. Here's a link to aubrey's post:
Update: Sometime, maybe in the far future, could there be both the current graphics settings (good, simple, fast, etc.) and the individual graphics changes (render fog, render stars, etc.)? My buggy seems to perform better on the higher quality modes, but fog is annoying and detailed terrain kills my FPS. I would really like a "good" setting buggy with "fast" quality for everything else in the game. Does that make sense?

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Array Re: 1.96: Questions/comments/suggestions
2009/04/15 - 23:45 GMT
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"powered loops" means you will speed up as you do loops. So if you hold down w,s forward or backward, and you are going around and around, you speed up!
Super Cheese
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Array Re: 1.96: Questions/comments/suggestions
2009/04/15 - 23:48 GMT
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how do you get the buggy superspeed on the ground??
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Array Re: 1.96: Questions/comments/suggestions
2009/04/26 - 1:29 GMT << In Reply to
You Mess With the settings in the feild

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