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Readership, Theme, and organization
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Good news - And bad news
Submitted By flyclub on 09/04/04
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MENAR's case is rather strange, since we stopped advertising people-per-day has gone WAY down, however, we have actually picked up some regular readers! (more than last time), from one perspective we have gone down, from the other we have gone up! I encourage you all (who are reading this (and whom are not)) to continue posting on MENAR, and even, make your own posts, nothing keeps you from making your own, so why not?
Recently, MENARh as been reorganized a bit, all of our useless pages have been removed to make navigation a little easier, plus some more optimizations in our theme, including better colors, a new comment layout (more round, and hopefully attractive (please go to the Opinions page)), AND soon to come, custom class situations, once they are added a tutorial will be made.
The next issue of "The Monthly Martian" is coming soon as it is april 3rd, we hope to publish this week.
Overall MENAR is looking successful, just keep coming back, and contributing folks, more things will be added over time.

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Re: Readership, Theme, and organization
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Posted 2009/04/04 - 15:31 GMT
will do :)

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