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Fixing the Frontalini
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Accordion repair 101
Submitted By margery on 09/03/26
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A few weeks ago, my accordion started wheezing and rumbling so badly that I began to seriously fear for it's life;-)

I was also reluctant to adopt the bold course Aubrey suggested; take the Frontalini apart! (Suppose we couldn't put it back together...) But in time I agreed, and we gathered screw driver, glue and camera for the operation.
  Upon removing the screws, the instrument came into three parts; the piano section, the bass section, and the bellows.
  We were dismayed to find that half a dozen of the 'reed blocks', those little metal tabs with strips of leather on them, were rattling around loose in there!
There was no way to distinguish one from another, and we could only find one or two slots where we could with certainty glue the reed blocks in place.  The rest of the blocks repose to this day on a shelf! 
All of the buttons and keys still play just fine, and perhaps we will be able to find out where they belong some day.
  Well, the next order of business was to glue the bellows frame, which was cracked from top to bottom. That, combined with the fact that the two hooks that were supposed to latch the accordion closed were bent into the bellows, and had nearly worn through, was a very timely discovery.  One more round of The Irish Washerwoman would probably have finished the poor thing! 
 Falconer style C-clamp
 Nicely taped!
 Aubrey scraped out the old, crumbling epoxy with his K-bar.
 Accordions are absolutely fascinating!=)
 Thanks to Aubrey's zeal, we were able to get old Frontalini shipshape the day before the Family Music Night, When I played my 'Freedom of the Nations' song with the H's & A's.
 But most exciting of all, when we went to the Old Time Fiddlers gathering two sundays ago, a nice lady told me that she would like to give me two old accordions she had.  We picked tham up on the way home that day! 
What a blessing.
I am pleased to present Mounseirs Remo & Honer.  Honer, rather small but a very fine old gentleman, is a 12 button accordion.  M. Remo is a magnicifient 120 button, and I am very excited to learn to master them both!
 I will post pictures of them in time=)
Happy Trails y'all!

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Re: Fixing the Frontalini
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Posted 2009/04/02 - 5:47 GMT
So that's what an accordion looks like on the inside...
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Re: Fixing the Frontalini
3 hours - 295v
Posted 2009/10/14 - 22:52 GMT
Interesting! What a blessing to recieve 2 more! (Someday) I'd love to hear you play. :)


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