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Menar Website News: Many new features!
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/20
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{As it would be spam to add all of these in separate posts, they will be in one.}
Recently, MENAR (Mars Explorer News And Resources) has undergone many enhancements.
Mostly enhancements have been adding of new features, but enhancements of current features are next.
So far added and enhanced:
  • Chat system
    • Video, Picture, and Audio upload capability
  • Stats
    • Comparison to Marsxplr.com
    • Record at 21 visits in one day!
  • RSS
    • Feeds for all specifications, thanks to Aubrey.
  • New Theme
    • New customized CSS theme, based upon the one created for elites.com (thank you for sharing)
  • The Martian
    • The Martian was recently revived, though publishes far less often, it will now be called "The Monthly Martian" ~ Spiffy
  • IC
    • IC (InterConnection) is a new program, though not very widely implemented, having only one member.

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