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why do you?
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dear creationists, why do you keep repeating lies and misconcceptions?
Submitted By thebiblewascompiledin325AD on 09/03/19
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i just read soem post back, like 5 pages. and i noticed that is see a lot of returning arguments on the creationist side. and a lot ofrepeated explinations of misconceptions and exposure of strawmen.
so my qeustion is.
how can you keep violating.
"Thou shalt not bare false witness."
"evolution says we came from a moneky"
"there are no transitional fossils"
"evolution is an atheistic worldview"
quoteming (which i consider lying)
"science is governed by the majority opinion of the scientific community"
so again;
WHY do you keep lying? even though we explained that you didn't understand more than half of what you were trying to "debunk". why do you keep acting like you DO know what evolution is when most of the time you display behaviour and reasonign that clearly proves you don't? why do you not accept the explination of people who DO know what they are talking about?
seems to me if there was a god, he'd be facepalming at your behaviour. and if he was so vindictive and strict as you would have us believe (at least on lying). I wish you were wrong, or its a long* holiday in hell for you. which i would wish on any1. if I believed there to be such a place.

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Re: why do you?
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Posted 2009/03/22 - 10:34 GMT
i think...you consider this a little overboard and THAT'S why you won't "dignify" it with a response?
am i correct?

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