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How about a new format?
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Petition to the admin to make this forum overseeable
Submitted By thebiblewascompiledin325AD on 09/03/03
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This format is horrible, you don't know when or what has been responded too, you can barely make out if you have a new response and to what. It take SO much time to actually see if someon ehas replied to a topic or not, not to mention that the old topics died in like 15 posts...

Admin, can you please get a better format for this forum?
I'd perfer one that allows you te see who made the latest reply to a topic in the topic link.
i have alink here to the kind of forum that would be nice.


now i'm just referrign to the forum, not the content of the site.

people please support, or critisize or give an alternative.

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I agree totally.
2 days - 3,026v
Posted 2009/03/03 - 15:52 GMT
I agree totally.
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Re: How about a new format?
1 day - 1,411v
Posted 2009/03/04 - 17:35 GMT
If this is the new format I dont like it. I cant find any of the old sights.
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Re: How about a new format?
3 days - 4,645v
Posted 2009/03/04 - 19:41 GMT
The "Hybrid" display option seems to work best, it shows replies indented underneath the "parent" comments.
I've also noticed that the "forum" link appears to sort topics chronologically (rather than sorting by which topic has the most recent reply). But if click the Forum link, and then click "content," that takes you to a page that shows the topics sorted in a more sensible way.
I do agree that it would help if it were a bit easier to tell when you've received replies (some forums I've used will send an EMail notification of new replies, for example).
There *is* an RSS feed for replies to your comments (click your username - to left of the Search box) - but it doesn't seem to work particularly well.
It also appears that the forum is integrated with the CMS software used by the rest of the site. And the CMS itself appears to be a 3rd-party hosted service called "Plexpedia" (like BlogSpot, WordPress.com, etc), rather than an application that the admin installed directly on a hosting account.
It may very well be the case that the admin simply doesn't have access to modify the forum - or switch to another forum application.

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