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MENAR Traffic up on all scales!
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/24
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Recently MENAR's traffic increase percentage has turned to all ups, no downs, and no 0%'s, compared to yesterday; 5 downs, one 0%, before that, 6 downs, unknown count 0%'s, and even before that, no downs, and 18 0%'s (as MENAR had NO visitors for a while)
This is a new achievement, though not compared to the beginning of MENAR's history.
In the beginning  monthly global people was up to 135, and page views were 25K, nowadays though, we have 74 global people and... HOLY! wow a few seconds that was like..... 2.7 k, and it just jumped to 3 k!
Though our traffic is small now it shows signs of regenerating, though at a slower pace.
Tutorials are being cranked out and published, all ready one has been added, more are coming.
Catch you soon if we make a record.

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